10 Wedding Bouquets for Spring

Spring is the season of new beginnings and the perfect time to host a wedding. It is also when the earth comes to life, showing off beautiful blooms and foliage. If your spring wedding is approaching, now is the time to start considering which flowers to feature in your bridal bouquet. And we’ve compiled a list of options, for every type of bride and event, to help inspire you!

1. Pink Romance

Pink is a staple color for wedding bouquets come spring. It exudes romance and femininity! You can use it as a standalone color or pair it with other shades of pink. You might also complement it with various shades of orange and yellow. Such as peach, coral, and cream. These shades will lend dimension and more color, for a classicly bright bridal look.

2. Moody Vibes

So you like spring color, but you want some contrast? Mix popular spring wedding colors like pink and orange with darker hues. Like crimson, burgundy, and deep greenery. This combo is perfect for an edgy bride who wants to create a modern but moody vibe. We also recommend featuring flowers with texture, for a less soft look.

3. Cool & Casual

Warm colors are prominent during the spring, so consider going against the grain. Cool tones are equally beautiful and, as they are less used, will surely make a statement. Feature blue and purple, but in pastel hues to compliment the season. This will help you maintain a soft and light look fit for the season.

4. Soft Off-White

For a timeless spring bridal style, create an arrangement with off-white florals. Think cream or ivory, even soft buttery champagne. With a slightly yellow hue, your bouquet won’t blend into your dress or draw too much attention. It is an ideal color for a traditional bride, especially in a lush outdoor or warm weather setting.

5. Perfect Pastels

Pastels are an easy choice for wedding bouquets! Ultra-feminine and light, they are a beautiful choice for a luxe event. For this look, you can feature flowers of the same color. Or a wide range, including pink, purple, blue, orange, and yellow. The more colors, the more whimsical your bouquet will look.

6. Edgy Alt Spring

If you consider yourself an alternative bride, you’ll love this spring bridal bouquet. Made with a mix of pink, crimson, burgundy, and black, it is a bold style choice. We can already imagine it next to a black leather jacket! To help maintain a spring vibe versus fall, be sure to feature soft flowers. Think less texture and more petals.

7. Festive Wildflowers

Our favorite spring bouquets consist of wildflowers. This is a popular choice amongst boho or festival brides, who are hosting a light-hearted affair. The wild mix of textures and colors is perfect for a bride with a huge personality. Opt for wildflowers that are leafy for a more casual event or those that have larger blooms for a more luxe look.

8. Simple Greenery

Greenery is a must for brides whose aim is a minimalistic and down-to-earth event. We love this style as it is less common but equally beautiful. It is also a good choice for brides who are wearing a colored wedding dress – so as not to overwhelm the eye. Even with greenery, you can make your bouquet as lush as you want. So don’t be afraid to feature lots of textures and a range of green shades.

9. Muted Purples

Purple exudes elegance! It is a gorgeous choice for a wedding and especially the spring. While deep shades like plum are tempting, opt for lighter hues. Think lavender, lilac, and periwinkle. Add white to the mix for a more traditional bridal look, or a sprinkling of darker shades for a moodier vibe. 

10. Tulips

We might be biased, but tulips are the spring flower. They are elegant, soft, and sleek. The best part about tulips is that they are available next to every color. So whether you want blue, red, pink, or yellow, you’ve got it. However, for a more cohesive and put-together look, stick to tulips of the same color.

Did one of these spring wedding bouquets catch your eye? Let us know your favorite in the comments below!

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