15 Ideas for Wedding Nails That are Timeless

Walking into an appointment for bride wedding nails can be overwhelming! Selecting a color or design is hard enough on a regular day. It can feel even more daunting when it is for your wedding. After all, you want something timeless. Something that complements your overall wedding look and that you can look back on without any regrets. Keep reading to see some of our favorite ideas for wedding nails!

  1. Negative Space

There is something classically beautiful about nails with a negative space design. This is a great way to showcase a design without going overboard. For bride wedding nails, opt for a more traditional color. Such as white, taupe, or a soft grey.

  1. Classic French

You can never go wrong with a classic french tip. Easily one of the most popular choices for wedding nails, this design is truly timeless. Not to mention it looks good on everyone. For this design, showcase your personality with the shape of your nail. For example, you should choose a rounded or almond-shaped nail for a more romantic bridal style.

  1. Metallics

When it comes to metallics, you have a variety of color options. Silver, gold, and rose gold are the most common. Should you opt for metallic nails, choose a color that complements your wedding jewelry. If you aren’t a fan of an all-over metallic, keep it simple. Take these nails for example, for which gold was used to outline the shape of the nail.

Nail by @drybylondon
  1. Jewel Accents

If you’re going for a glam bridal look, consider showcasing some bling on your nails. You can feature a smattering of pearls or rhinestones. For a more toned-down look, limit the design to one jewel per nail. If you want a more over the top look, cover each nail entirely or just one nail – traditionally the ring finger.

Nails by @iamccsuarez
  1. Neutral Tones

If you aren’t a fan of white but still prefer an understated look, go with a neutral tone. There are plenty of colors to choose from, such as ivory, taupe, black, brown, and grey. These colors work with any bridal look, elegant, luxe, romantic, and casual, during any season. 

Nails by @gelsbybry
  1. Beautiful Blush

For the girly and romantic bride-to-be, we love a beautiful blush. This light rosy color is perfect for any bridal style. We love that for this look, a brighter touch of blush was added to the very tip of the nails.

Nails by @splashinails
  1. Natural Nudes

A nude looks stunning on everyone and is a very modern choice. This color is ideal for this sophisticated bride who wants to look put together but does not want the eye to go straight to her hands. Choose a color that is the closest match to your skin tone.

  1. Creamy White

If you want to maintain the tradition of a bride in all white, you need white wedding nails. When we say white, we mean any shade of white you prefer. Whether it be a bright and crisp white, or warm and creamy ivory. Go with the shade that best complements your wedding dress and jewelry.

  1. Clean and Clear

Some brides aren’t a fan of polish, and that’s okay. However, you still need to have your nails done! There will be enough close-ups of your hand that it is a must. In this scenario, simply have the nail artist cut and shape your nails. Ask them to apply a clear coat, for that healthy and beautiful shine.

  1. Sultry Red

A ravishing red is a must for any bride going for a more sexy look. That is, your dress accentuates each one of your curves, and may or may not feature a slit in the skirt. There are a variety of red shades to choose from, both light and dark. For a more modern and bubbly look, go for a brighter shade. For something more sultry, a deep red or burgundy.

Nails by @amyle.nails
  1. ‘Something Blue’

A fun and creative idea, we love the thought of using your nails as a ‘something blue’. You can go with any design, although this simple look proves that less is more. Using a light blue for a classic french tip is an easy way to rock a bit of color without going all out.

  1. Dramatic Black

Black is the go-to color for an alternative bride or someone who wants a touch of drama. Going against the tradition of a bride in all white, black is beautiful and a unique way to stand out. Go for a solid black, or a design, like these negatives space nails.

  1. Timeless Taupe

A dark grey-brown color, taupe is a shade that is clean and unique. It is often chosen by brides who want to feature color, but not so much that their nails stand out from the rest of their bridal look. Taupe can have a variety of undertones, including pink, purple, yellow, and blue.

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