2022 Wedding Trends: Colors, Decor & More!

In 2021 there were a lot of memorable wedding trends, from an uptick in neutral color schemes to vintage-inspired rentals, and lots of backyard gatherings. But now it’s time to look to the future, to see what’s in store for those who plan to say “I Do” in 2022. So without further ado, here are the 2022 wedding trends that we’re anticipating in the new year, from colors to decor and more!

Weekday Weddings

Due to COVID-19, numerous couples were forced to postpone their nuptials. For which reason, wedding venues are booking up quickly – at least on the weekends. Couples are therefore turning to small weekday weddings. Not only because they have more options for dates, but hosting on a weekday usually comes at a discounted rate. And while there are cons, like whether as many guests will be able to attend, there are also perks. Like the fact that hosting a more intimate wedding means you’ll be able to spend more on meaningful details that will make your event more memorable.

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Intimate Set-Ups

Regardless of the size of your event, expect to see much more intimate setups. Both for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Following COVID, couples are emphasizing the guest experience, opting for designs that are more welcoming and cozy. For example, venues that are more homely have become a hit. And for receptions, we expect to see set-ups that encourage conversation. Such as plush lounge areas, at a cocktail hour or reception, where guests can sit and sip for a while. Or banquet tables, so that each and every guest feels included and engaged.

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Specialty Bars

With a priority on the guest experience, couples are opting to invest in more niche vendors. Especially when it comes to dining. For which reason, expect to see a spike in specialty bars, where drinks are limited but of a much higher caliber. Mobile bars will remain in play, offering beer and champagne on tap. But we’re most excited for high-end cocktails, courtesy of a tequila bar. The bottom line is that guests don’t need a lot of options if the drink up for grabs is good. So do your research and find a memorable drink that will be your signature for the evening.

Tossing Traditions

Wedding traditions can be fun, but there is a solid portion of the population that feels they are outdated. And if this is you, then you’ll be excited to know that more weddings will feature fewer traditions in 2022. In previous years, some have already been sliding out the door, like traditional cake-cutting ceremonies. Replaced with more modern, handheld treats. But now we will see others start to disappear. Like wedding parties, as couples opt to focus on a more curated guest list. They’re also skipping the bouquet and garter toss, which many find awkward. Some couples are going a step further, by hosting more inclusive events. Where they use inclusive language and pass entirely on a dress code.

Monochromatic Florals

In years past, there has been a huge shift towards neutral florals. And in 2022, we’ll see this trend go one step further with monochromatic florals. Or, floral arrangements featuring blooms in one color. This trend is already becoming apparent as seen with arrangements created solely with baby’s breath. Originally white, baby’s breath is ultra-romantic and can be used for every type of decor. From your ceremony to your reception, bridal bouquets, and beyond. But the reason it will be especially popular is that it can be dyed. So you can easily create a luxe monochromatic setup, whether your primary wedding color is pink, purple, blue, or so on.


If you haven’t watched the hit series Bridgerton, then chances are you have at least heard of it. Or seen the aesthetic created in its wake, known as Cottagecore. This trend nods to years past, where design focused on fine details and luxurious materials. At Bridgerton-inspired weddings, this will come to life via color palettes featuring whimsical pastels, over-the-top floral arrangements, and vintage-inspired rentals. Keep an eye out for Heirloom china and colored glassware. In addition to large lounge areas since social gatherings were the preferred pastime in high society.

Bold & Bright Colors

If you aren’t a fan of the neutral or monochromatic trend, then you’ll be happy to know that neither is everyone. Just as many people who like a more light and neutral look, enjoy a bold and colorful palette. As shown by the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year, Very Peri. We’re excited to see events, big and small, featuring fun and whimsical color schemes. This trend is made equally apparent by the popular wedding themes for 2022. Which include Bridgerton and Retro-inspired events, Jewel-Tone color palettes, Desert Chic, and Modern Art.

Photo: @blaisebell / Design: @_theapparatus 

Non-Traditional Wedding Gowns

If there is one trend we can get behind, it’s the switch to non-traditional wedding gowns. White dresses are always striking, but it doesn’t necessarily align with every bride’s personality. And shouldn’t your wedding day getup exude who you are? So, get ready to see more brides rocking modern ensembles, featuring fun colors, patterns, and embellishments. Florals are always a hit, made popular by designers like Claire Pettibone. As is Western-inspired lace, created by designer Rue De Seine. But there are also more alternative designs, featuring bright colors and fluffy materials, as shown by designer Elizabeth Dye.

Flora gown: @clairepettibone⁠ / Photo: @seanthomasphoto

What are your thoughts on these 2022 wedding trends? Do you have any favorites that you plan to incorporate into your big day? Let us know in the comment section below!

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