2023 Wedding Theme Trends – What’s IN and what’s OUT this year?

Congratulations on your engagement! We can only imagine how excited you are to start with the wedding planning process and design the love affair of your dreams. If you’ve already begun this journey, you may have realized that there are many things you need to take into account. And among the first things you have to decide on is the wedding theme that will adorn your celebration.

To help you in your venture, we’ve decided to share some of the best 2023 wedding trends. Hopefully, these will inspire you to choose the theme that perfectly matches both your vision and personality. 

Wedding theme inspiration for this and next year’s brides

Tailoring your event around a specific theme is a great way to create unity and conformity. And being familiar with the trending 2023 wedding theme ideas is the only way to ensure you’re designing an awe-inspiring affair. Have a look at our carefully-crafted theme list below and become inspired by the delightful ideas we’ve incorporated there. All we can say is that – no matter the personal style or size of your event – we are confident that you’ll find something you’ll fall in love with!


We have seen the comeback of vintage style in many aspects this year. From clothes and jewelry to interior design, this classic style is being approved and adored by many. So why don’t you embrace this trend and allow it to inspire the decor of your most joyful celebration? The theme comprises classic styles that were brought to light decades or centuries ago. You will be granted full freedom to adopt statement fragments from several eras, depending on your personal preferences. Usually, this theme encompasses details typical for periods between 1920 and 1970. This allows for more room for interpretation and designing an event that is completely tailored to your likes. Consequently, some of the most popular elements that embrace this trend include lace accents, flapper reception dresses, pastel or even moody florals, vintage tea cups, pearl decor, and candles.

Rustic, photo via Simcha’s Events


This is one of the 2023 wedding trends that allow the cozy and homey atmosphere to predominate the celebration. It embraces minimalism and natural surroundings and promotes the use of warm woody accents and soft, neutral colors. Moreover, the rustic theme also embraces outdoor fun and sustainability. This makes it a good choice for couples who dream of promoting these values on the most special day of their lives.

This theme is ideal for every bride who wants to show off her creative side and surprise the guests with her own DIY projects. By embracing the hand-made design aspect, the rustic theme encourages you to include various minimal decor items. Some of the things you can consider incorporating are mason jars, string lights, old lanterns, hand-picked floral bouquets, and assorted wood elements.


If you’ve ever been to a bohemian-inspired celebration, we are almost certain that you’ve become enchanted by their breezy feel, eclectic aesthetic, and artistic touches. In fact, boho is one of the wedding theme trends that are here to stay, as they manage to leave an everlasting impression on each and every guest.

This is ideal for all future brides who aren’t very keen on following strict theme rules. The bohemian theme embraces relaxed, nature-inspired decor, such as floral hairpieces, olden rugs, and raw materials. However, the only thing you need to remember is that the more whimsical and earthy you go – the better. 

Modern Boho, photo via Roots Flowers and Events


If you have long been dreaming of a beach bridal celebration, or at least wish to convey those serene vibes into your venue decor, opting for a beachy wedding theme is the perfect solution. In essence, this theme advocates for incorporating nautical elements and embracing the unique feel of coastal life. 

We encourage you to choose tropical motifs and natural materials. These will effortlessly evoke the beach ambiance in all its glory. Moreover, you can use different decor elements, such as anchors, ropes, and shells, and let the color palette revolve around the bluish hues. 


The traditional theme has been a staple for American love celebrations for decades now, so it’s no wonder that it secured its position in the list of wedding theme ideas for 2023 and 2024. If you wish to adopt this style, focus on choosing soft hues, subtle decor, and an elegant setting to exceed at meeting this theme’s requirements. Other important components to include are lace fabrics and classic-looking floral arrangements.

Romantic & Whimsical, photo via Faithfully Yours Weddings & Events

Romantic & Whimsical

For all those fairytale and outdoor-loving brides, we have the ultimate wedding theme suggestion for you! Adorning your celebration with whimsy decor is the best way to translate your love for romantic garden settings. Therefore, opt for lush flowers and greenery in your ceremony decor, reception, tablescapes, cake, and clothing.


Being an adult doesn’t mean that you should neglect the child inside you and focus on creating a serious appearance. If you’re still carrying your love for Disney movies, then the wedding theme ideas for 2023 give you the perfect opportunity to embrace them. Think about some remarkable ways of incorporating the Disney theme into your love affair. You can use theme parks, statement elements, and color palettes that completely translate the theme.

Barn, photo via Burns Bluff Weddings


Similar to the rustic one, the barn theme embraces simplistic and country elements by incorporating them into your decor. The main idea of this style is to make clever use of vast spaces, and it is ideal if you plan on inviting a long list of people to celebrate your love with. Moreover, some of the key elements of the barn style are wooden and metal details, nature-inspired elements, and plenty of candles.

We hope this post will be useful for you in giving you inspiration for choosing your dream wedding theme. At Wedding Style Society, we do our best to assist future brides in finding the right service to adorn their day. Therefore, if you wish to further improve your special day’s appearance, don’t forget to check our list of vendors that offer different types of rentals. And if you’re searching for more wedding inspiration, don’t hesitate to read the rest of our blogs. 

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