Explore Arbor Hall, a wedding venue in Omaha, Nebraska

If you dream of a seamless bridal experience in a place that radiates serenity and elegance, look no further than Arbor Hall – a wedding venue in Omaha. 

This place specializes in providing all-inclusive wedding packages that can cater to your desires, all with the goal of helping you design your event as per your wishes. Why is it considered one of the most treasured wedding venues in Omaha? Because the devoted staff and all-inclusive wedding packages flawlessly unite, promising an unforgettable event! 

Ceremony in Arbor Hall, a wedding venue in Omaha, Nebraska

Photo Via Arbor Hall

Location and Brief History

Arbor Hall is a reception venue established to fulfill your big day’s desires. This wedding venue in Omaha is one of the few that offers everything you could want for an unforgettable celebration. In fact, the venue is installed only one block north of Center Street in Omaha, right behind Westlake Ace Hardware and Old Chicago at Oakview. Thanks to its convenient location, it is both easily accessible and secluded enough to give you that desired intimate feel. 

The place is owned by two sisters, Molly and Rachel, who have invested their most pristine ideas and made it a surreal heaven on Earth. Together with their mother, they opened this outdoor venue in 2009 and have worked on translating couples’ dreams ever since. In fact, Molly loves meeting new clients and talking details about their special day’s vision more than anything else. Rachel, on the other hand, prides herself on crafting food and creating a delectable experience for the couple and their guests.

The venue

As we already established, Arbor Hall is a wedding venue in Omaha that can certainly turn couples’ dreams into a bespoke reality. Just imagine welcoming your guests to a lovely, flawlessly decorated garden venue as per your wishes. As they sit comfortably around the round tables, you and your partner exchange vow under the immaculate floral arbor. Your eyes sparkle brighter than the elegant hall’s chandeliers as you are finally experiencing how your dreams are slowly turning into a reality. 

Photo By: Tess Vrbicky Photography via Arbor Hall

Renting this reception venue comes with everything you might need for your day. You can choose whether you will incorporate rectangular or round tables, surrounded with white plush padded oak chairs are set. Moreover, you can choose between white or ivory floor-length linens, china, flatware, glassware, and napkins in as many colors as you can imagine. Arbor Hall also allows you to pick the centerpieces you like best, completing the ideal setup you have forever envisioned. 

Photo By: Tess Vrbicky Photography via Arbor Hall

All-inclusive experience

When we say Arbor Hall is a wedding venue in Omaha that can cater to your most refined taste, we truly mean that! Couples value this place for its all-inclusive wedding packages that will fulfill their utmost desires. Many couples find it particularly convenient that renting the venue grants them a catering package. The service is called Sweet Cakes and Roses and provides an assortment of luncheon, dinner, and hors d’oeuvre menus. Everything is carefully crafted to meet all tastes and preferences, allowing you to choose between plated and buffet serving styles. There are both supreme and more casual food choices, ranging from roast beef, steak, and turkey, to homemade pizzas, barbeque, and various ethnic foods. All meals are freshly prepared from local ingredients, further adding to the quality and satisfactory rate of the service. 

Photo By: Tess Vrbicky Photography via Arbor Hall

Moreover, this lovely garden venue also has a full-service bar, providing everything from soft drinks to various wines, beers, and special cocktails. If you dream of embellishing your day with a signature cocktail, you can rest assured that this place will excel at the task. Have your guests dance around the oak wood floor, cheering for your love with a glass of flavorful drink. 

Additional services

Apart from the catering package, this wedding venue in Omaha also offers a handful of additional services, including specialty linens, lighting, a resident DJ, and even an officiant. They also allow you to choose between fresh and silk florals for the arrangements. However, they don’t limit your choice of other vendors to book for the day. For all services they don’t currently provide, you can gather your own dream team to take care of your day. Browse our list of vendors and see which best suit your preferences. 

Photo Via Arbor Hall

This means that entrusting Arbor Hall to take care of the execution of your love affair can be an incredibly beneficial venture. This is especially true if you are looking for a place that will connect you with or offer a variety of vendors, cutting down the research process you would otherwise do by yourself. 

A stress-free venture

Molly and Rachel have really made this place their second home, dedicating all resources to elevate the overall experience. Entrusting your life’s most important venture to the capacities of this garden venue will undoubtedly be one of the best decisions you can make. The owners work very closely with every client, carefully listening to their vision and requirements. This is how they flawlessly translate every dream, turning it into a stress-free experience that both you and your guests will enjoy. In fact, the rental price included everything from arranging and cleaning the space to providing a day of coordination. This makes this budget-friendly venue optimal for everyone willing to enjoy their day entirely. 

Final words

At The Wedding Style Society, we give our best to provide our clients with an extensive list of venue and vendor options that will cater to their individual needs. If you are looking for the best outdoor wedding venue in Omaha, we kindly encourage you to discover what Arbor Hall offers. With its magnificent garden space and all-inclusive packages, you are entitled to a seamless experience that you will certainly enjoy. You can easily discover the venue on our site and get in touch with them to discuss the particularities. 

For more inspiration, do not hesitate to discover our blog and discover other wedding-related topics that will assist in your planning. 

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