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We all know that flowers are an essential part of any marriage celebration. From incorporating them in the bridal bouquet and arch to creating gorgeous floral arrangements to adorn the tables, there are many ways to use them as a part of your decor. Knowing there are endless flower options, finding a supplier who can […]

Questions to ask your wedding florist before hiring them

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Photo credit by Aisle &.Co Planning for the most important day of your life isn’t an effortless task. You need to consider many things, all of which carry great significance. Assuming that this is your first such task, it is only logical to not know how to approach it precisely. Although designing a marriage celebration […]

Wedding planning mistakes you need to avoid

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One of the most delightful aspects of planning for your special day is choosing the flavor of the cake. We are certain that couples particularly enjoy this task, having to indulge in various flavors before choosing the one they deem perfect. No matter how delicious they are, not two cakes taste the same. This is […]

The most popular wedding cake flavors in 2023

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The summer season has finally arrived, and we are thrilled to see couples indulge in the summer bliss. Another reason why we love this season is that it finally opens the gates of outdoor wedding celebrations, allowing couples to enjoy their day in a refreshing garden setting.  If you are one of those pairs that […]

Congratulations on getting engaged! We can only imagine how thrilled you both are to finally start planning for the most gorgeous day of your lives. But however exciting the whole planning process may seem, some things can make you feel overwhelmed. Choosing your ideal wedding venue, for example. This is the place that should flawlessly […]

  Photo via Charlotte Neuville Cakes + Confections Planning for the most special day of your life means that you need to consider plenty of things. And if you are searching for a wedding cake bakery that will flawlessly translate your sugary dreams, Charlotte Neuville Cakes + Confections is here at your service! Just imagine […]

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