Best wedding entertainment ideas to consider including in your reception

If you have already started planning for your special day, we assume you have been considering how to keep your guests entertained. In fact, there are plenty of ways to turn your marriage celebration into an unforgettable experience. If you do some research, you will probably come across lengthy lists of ideas. Naturally, you might feel overwhelmed by the endless list of fun ideas. To help narrow down your choice, we have gathered the best wedding entertainment ideas into one place! Continue reading this article to discover them all!

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Best wedding entertainment activities 

Apart from your live band and DJ, it’s important to come up with another form of entertainment. Besides, this will ensure your guests are occupied and have the time of their lives. From live painters to fun and enjoyable games, discover our suggestions to create a memorable experience!

Live painter

Live painters are gaining vast popularity recently, and it is easy to see why. The masterpiece they create serves as a lovely reminder of the day you celebrated your love. In addition, watching as the artist works is one of the best wedding fun ideas to amuse your guests! Think about positioning the artist in a spot that will give them a clear view of the whole setting. This will ensure your guests can watch them work and even contribute to the masterpiece by taking a stroke on the canvas. 

Reception games

When it comes to wedding entertainment ideas, many couples’ first thoughts are reception games. Truly, there is an endless list of options you can choose to keep your guests engaged. From classic lawn games, such as giant Jenga, to trivia and bingo games, these are great to use as icebreakers to encourage guests to mingle. Not only are these highly entertaining, but they also provide the perfect opportunity for creating lifetime memories. 


Another one on our list of wedding reception fun ideas is hiring a caricaturist. This artist will help you add a touch of humor and creativity to your event. They can draw a personalized caricature of your guests as they enjoy their cocktails and mingle. Afterward, they can save these artistic creations as a keepsake from your celebration. Well, isn’t this a wonderful opportunity to give them something they will remember your special day by?

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Photo booth

Photo booths are a classic that seems to never get out of fashion. It has become a staple at almost every wedding- and for a good reason! Photo booths offer an incredibly fun and interactive way of capturing fun, genuine moments. They allow your guests to create a picture they can keep as a reminder forever. If you are willing to go a step further, you can personalize the photo booth to match your big day’s theme. That way, you will have a segment that perfectly aligns with the overall aesthetic.

Fire dancer

If you are thinking of ways to add unique entertainment at a wedding, we are here to provide you with the ultimate idea- fire dancers! This is an incredible opportunity to enrich the experience by adding an exotic touch to it. The dancer’s captivating performance will surely leave your guests amazed. Ideally, you will schedule their performance once the sun sets, allowing them to light up the night sky. 


If you and your guests enjoy singing, setting up a karaoke station is one of the best wedding entertainment ideas to consider. Moreover, it’s a great way to break the ice and encourage guests to participate in the celebration. This way, everyone will get a chance to sing their favorite song, taking full advantage of the amazing opportunity you’ve created. 

Tattoo artist

Speaking of unique wedding entertainment, hiring a tattoo artist certainly surpasses them all. If you have dreamt of having your wedding bands tattooed, this is the ideal opportunity to take. Set up a tattoo station where you can have your tattoos made after your ceremony is finished. However, if you wish to include your guests in the experience, consider hiring a temporary tattoo artist. That way, your guests will be able to choose from a variety of designs and get a temporary tattoo to remind them of your day.

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Food & drinks station

Another one of the wedding entertainment ideas that has become a staple is having a food or drinks station. In essence, there are truly endless possibilities to choose from when it comes to embracing this trend. You can opt for a donut or smores station or have a cocktail or bourbon-tasting bar. This creates a wonderful opportunity for guests to entertain themselves with food and drinks and is a great way to encourage them to mingle. 

Bounce castle

Bounce castles aren’t just made for children, and you can easily prove this by setting up one at your marriage celebration. In fact, these are ideal for unleashing your inner kid and having the utmost fun on the most memorable day of your life. Invite your guests for a fun bouncing experience as the DJ plays your favorite tunes. We are certain that they will remember this for the rest of their lives!

Sparkler exit

Finally, we have reached the end of our list of suggestions, saving the sparkler exit for last. This is probably the ideal way to end your unforgettable night, as you have your guests line up with sparklers to create a magical pathway. The soft glow of the sparklers in the night sky makes for a truly cinematic moment. Plus, it provides a fantastic photo opportunity that you’ll treasure forever.

We genuinely hope that the wedding entertainment ideas we have suggested here will help you decide on the perfect way to amuse your guests. Nothing is better than creating an unforgettable experience for the people you love, giving them memories they will remember for a lifetime! At Wedding Style Society, we do our best to provide couples with unique ideas to celebrate their special day. Moreover, we also have a lengthy list of vendors that will help bring their vision to reality. Therefore, if you wish to further improve your special day’s experience, don’t forget to check our vendor directory. And if you’re searching for more wedding inspiration, make sure to read our other blogs. 

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