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Why Should I Join The Wedding Style Society? With so many other wedding websites to choose from, why join The Wedding Style Society? We offer a platform unlike any other, with every resource you need to plan a memorable wedding. Keep reading to learn what sets us apart! Vendors Come to You! The Wedding Style […]

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When it comes to planning for your big day, there are many elements you need to consider. Today, however, we’re here to focus on one of the couple’s (and guests) favorites- the bridal cake. Although choosing a wedding dessert used to be a straightforward process back in the day, the array of options has evolved […]

8 Wedding Cake Trends To Inspire Your Dessert Station

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The decor you choose for your event is just as important as the occasion. Whether you’re getting engaged or married, selecting an event floral boutique that will take care of the event’s aesthetic is essential. When it comes to floral decor, there is no doubt that Forest Woods is the best in the business. From […]

Forest Woods: Specializing in Floral Designs for your Events

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Already started dreaming of the most beautiful day of your life? Then you have probably already thought about how everything will look like. From your bridal gown and floral bouquet to the tablescapes and stationery design, every distinct part plays a crucial role in your bid gay’s magic. When it comes to choosing the theme, […]

If you have already started planning for your special day, we assume you have been considering how to keep your guests entertained. In fact, there are plenty of ways to turn your marriage celebration into an unforgettable experience. If you do some research, you will probably come across lengthy lists of ideas. Naturally, you might […]

Wedding planning is an exciting venture for every couple. You finally get to work toward realizing a vision you probably had for a while now. But before you begin figuring out the particularities, such as finding your dream venue and booking vendors, there is one thing you need to establish first. And that’s the wedding […]

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