Bridal Makeup: Airbrush vs. Liquid Foundation

In the process of researching bridal makeup looks, you will notice that two types of foundation are primarily used. Either airbrush or liquid. While both are popular, each offers different benefits. One will work better, depending on several factors. Compare airbrush and liquid foundation, to help you determine the best foundation for your bridal makeup. At the Wedding Society, we believe every bride deserves to look and feel beautiful on her special day.

Airbrush Foundation

Application: Airbrush foundation is applied in thin layers via a fine mist. These fine layers are what contributes to the flawless finish that brides love! Plus it doesn’t weigh down the skin, meaning you will feel as close to makeup free as possible. Once dried it can not be re-blended. It has to be removed and reapplied, or layered over.

Coverage: This product allows for full coverage despite requiring much less product. This will ensure a breathable and lighweight feel. Meaning no cake!

Skin Type: Airbrush foundation is best suited for combination to oily skin types. This is because the skin is more hydrated and moisturized, which reduces the risk of flaking.

Weather: It is suitable for use in all temperatures, rain or shine! However, it must be supported by the right setting powder. If you know it will be rainy on your big day, a silicone-based product will lend extra water-resistance.

Longevity: Airbrush foundation will last the longest, in comparison to any makeup product! It is resistant to water, wiping, and generally much tougher to mess up. So you can shed as many tears as you want, with little to no fear.

Cost: This makeup is typically more expensive. Often averaging $115 or more.* This price will also depend on the equipment and products that a make up artist is using.

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Liquid Foundation

Application: Liquid foundation is typically applied with a brush or sponge. It is applied in small increments until the desired or necessary coverage is achieved. Once dried it can easily be re-blended.

Coverage: It provides full coverage but may require many layers. As liquid is heavier, it can make you skin feel more weighed down and heavy. For some brides this is a no-go, and can make them feel ‘cakey’.

Skin Type: Liquid foundation can be used on any skin type, as there are so many different formulas. Simply choose the foundation that best suits your type of skin, or inform your makeup artist about your skin type. Sometimes a make up artist may even be willing to use your day to day foundation.

Weather: It is suitable for all temperatures, but may require a lot of product to hold up in certain conbditions. For example, a primer, a sealer, and/or a setting powder. This amount of product can contribute to a more heavy feel. This also makes it not as suitable for tears and sweat.

Longevity: Long lasting, but not as long. Is much more susceptible to shifting and settling. In general, you should avoid touching your face when wearing a liquid foundation.

Cost: Liquid foundation is often more affordable. It will average a bride around $70 to $100.

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A side note: what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another! Although airbrush foundation is the latest trend in bridal makeup, it isn’t right for everyone. You need to choose the product that works best for you and you alone. After all, you should not only look but feel beautiful on your wedding day. By choosing the right product you are sure to exude confidence!

*The cost of bridal makeup significantly varies depending on the makeup artist, products used, location and other factors.

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