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Planning for the most special day of your life means that you need to consider plenty of things. And if you are searching for a wedding cake bakery that will flawlessly translate your sugary dreams, Charlotte Neuville Cakes + Confections is here at your service!

Just imagine receiving a wedding cake masterpiece that will delight both you and your guests. Something that has adopted the design you’ve always dreamed of, matching the theme you chose for your love affair. Well, that is exactly what Charlotte can do with her magical hands!

About Charlotte Neuville Cakes + Confections

Born from a lifelong love for pastry art, this wedding cake bakery combines both the innate passion of the owner Charlotte and her lengthy experience in the business. Namely, she established her own business in 1985, after working as an assistant designer and design director for a couple of fashion brands. However, her passion for baking never left her, so she decided to open her own business with wedding cake design as its main concern. And that is something her business excels at. Based in New York, it specializes in handcrafted cakes and confectioneries designs that look incredibly appealing even to the most discerning tastes. 

You cannot help but fall in love with the bespoke cake designs once you lay your eyes on them. Specializing in couture cakes and chic confections, Charlotte creates a visual masterpiece that is hard to beat. Aside from their cakes’ appearance, Charlotte Neuville Cakes + Confections is also praised for its delectable flavors, each more captivating than the one you’ve tried before. 

Wedding Cake Design Process

Thanks to the owner’s design talent and the years spent using and improving it, Charlotte Neuville Cakes + Confections is now the epitome of sugary dreams coming true. The wedding cake bakery is prided for its unique design process, which creates one-of-a-kind cakes for your celebration. The secret? Charlotte personally meets with her clients before beginning her work. This is the only way she can be sure she has done a meticulous job of understanding your vision and requirements. It is in the essence of the business to get to know each couple’s unique desires and turn them into a real-life masterpiece. 

So, before scheduling an appointment, you both should discuss what your preferences are, as well as how many guests you expect to host. Whether you’re looking for minimal wedding cake decor or something more extravagant, we are certain you will be satisfied with the results. 

Photo via Charlotte Neuville Cakes + Confections

Tasting, sketching, and delivery

First things first, after the initial meeting you and Charlotte have, she will start thinking about the cake execution. Up to that point, she will be aware of your vision and requirements and have a clear picture of your expectations. After the in-depth consultation, she will generate sketches and imagery that will help you have a look at what the final design will look like. This will include the number of tiers, form, and any additional elements you asked to be included. After finishing this, she will present the sketches so that you can tell whether you like them, and discuss all the other important things for making the final product. 

This wedding cake bakery offers a long list of mouth-watering flavors, and it’s impossible to decide on one only by reading their names. Of course, some will sound more appealing than others, but how can you know which taste will entirely delight your taste buds?

To help you decide on your favorite taste, Charlotte offers a private tasting tour. During this, you will be able to sample several flavors they offer and agree on one with your spouse-to-be. Moreover, you will also discuss different fillings, as well as coverage options, such as icing, buttercream, or fondant. All of these steps will ensure that you will receive a sugary masterpiece that will meet your theme and preference. 

When it comes to delivering, Charlotte and her team usually do this on their own. This means that they personally deliver and oversee the cake’s final assembly to ensure everything is perfect. Thanks to the utmost attention to detail, you will receive a real-life masterpiece that we are sure you will adore. 

Photo via Charlotte Neuville Cakes + Confections

You Dream Bridal Cake Awaits

The main goal of this wedding cake bakery is to create a product that will not only please your eyes but your senses, as well. Although offering cakes for all kinds of celebrations, the bridal ones certainly look the most appealing. If you’ve always imagined that the moment you and your partner do the cake cutting looks truly spectacular, then it’s only logical that you will need a design that matches every aspect of your great celebration. And you will determine all this while discussing what your bridal cake should look like. 

So, whether you decide to celebrate your love in the close circle of family and friends, or planning for a grandiose affair, Charlotte Neuville Cakes + Confections will cater to your needs. Once you finalize all the details, the only thing left to do is simply wait for your big day to come and indulge in the looks and taste of the wedding cake you will receive. 

Final Words

At Wedding Style Society, we are fully dedicated to presenting our clients with the best services that will help make their day truly special. We understand that planning for the most special day of your and your partner’s life isn’t an easy task. This is why we have compiled an extensive list of service providers that will ease your research task. 

If you have been searching for a wedding cake bakery in New York that will do an amazing job designing the cake for your day, don’t forget to consider Charlotte Neuville Cakes + Confections. Their year-long experience and masterful skills in creating unique designs will make you and your guests delighted. You can easily get in touch with them through the form on their website or by contacting them on their phone or email. 

And if you are looking for more bridal inspiration, feel free to discover the rest of our blog topics.  

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