Cozy & Chic Winter Wedding Ideas

As ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ it only makes sense to host a wedding during the wintertime. With a sense of nostalgia in the air and people buzzing with excitement for the upcoming holidays, it’s a fabulous time to celebrate. To help you host a cozy and chic winter wedding, we’ve compiled a list of on-trend ideas. Keep reading to get inspired!

Memorable Winter Wedding Details

One of the best parts of hosting a winter wedding is that you can create niche details that coincide with the season. You can nod to the cool weather celebration with a festive, but not kitschy, invitation suite. Featuring natural greens and timeless neutrals, perhaps with small pops of red. And welcome guests to different areas of your event space with cute handwritten signs that play off of seasonal sayings!

Luxe Winter Wedding Ceremony

Come time for your ceremony, the largest debate couples will have is whether to host their ceremony indoors or outdoors. But neither is wrong and there are benefits to both! Hosting your ceremony indoors will allow guests to be more comfortable and will lend a cozier feel to your event. We recommend a venue with a fireplace for a backdrop! If you host outdoors then you’ll be able to take advantage of the winter scenery – and possibly snow. Just make sure you take guests’ comfort into account. Perhaps by offering fleece blankets as favors!

Intimate Winter Wedding Reception

If you want chic and cozy, your time to shine will be the reception. Depending on the venue you choose, you can easily pull off an ultra-romantic setup featuring low lighting and luxe details. Since it’s winter, you’ll want to create the illusion of warmth. Consider investing in overhead installations that feature greenery and string lights. When setting the table, go with rich greens, blues, or reds, paired with metallic silver or gold. And don’t forget to utilize candles, of all shapes and heights. Lastly, have fun with your wedding cake! You can opt for a classic design, but we’re obsessed with their tiered gingerbread house.

Winter Wedding Food & Drinks

If there is one thing people look forward to during the winter, outside of the holidays, it’s the seasonal food. Something that is easy to incorporate into your event! Guests will be thrilled to be welcomed to a cocktail hour with fun winter cocktails, like a Hot Toddy or a classic cider. For the kids, you might offer a self-serve hot chocolate bar with all the toppings. And don’t forget to invest in cozy winter lounges featuring plush velvet furniture. Throws will also be appreciated!

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Winter Wedding Bridal Style

Of course, we can’t forget about winter bridal fashion! When hosting a winter wedding bridal fashion isn’t actually all that different. But there are some ways that you can make yourself more comfortable. Namely by adding more clothing. Whether it be opting for a gown with sleeves or wearing a fur shawl for your outdoor portraits. A similar style can be worn by your bridesmaids. Or you can put them in velvet bridesmaid dresses for extra warmth. When it comes to wedding bouquets the main difference is colors. Opt for a more down-to-earth palette, with shades of blue, green, or red, with lots of white. And for more volume go with seasonal greenery.

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Are you planning to host a winter wedding? Let us know about your plans, or if any of these winter wedding ideas caught your attention!

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