Do’s & Don’ts: Dictating Your Bridesmaid’s Hair and Makeup

When your bridesmaids are having their hair and makeup done, it is natural for a bride to oversee the process. There is a balance however to how much input you should. Too much and you can come off rude, or too little and everything can go downhill rather quickly. Read these tips on how to handle dictating your bridesmaid’s hair and makeup, to avoid turning into a bridezilla!

Don’t: Feel the Need to Dictate Everything

It is not your job to stand by the hair or makeup artist and dictate their every action. Let go a little bit. Not only so that you can enjoy the day, but because that is why you hired a professional in the first place. Trust that they know what they are doing and that they understand what you want.

Do: Give Some Guidelines

While you should not dictate everything, you should have some guidelines in mind. For example, you want a light and natural look. Or you don’t mind darker eyes but no eyeliner. Your hair and makeup artist will need some direction, as will your bridesmaids.

Don’t: Give Them Completely Free Reign

One of the biggest mistakes that a bride can make is giving the artist or her bridesmaids free reign. Some brides don’t have a particular vision or may feel unbothered by the idea of letting their girls pick their makeup or hairstyle. In the end, this can lead to a bridal party that does not look put together.

Do: Get Your Bridesmaid’s Opinions

See what they like and do not like. Just because you hear them out doesn’t mean you have to cater to everything they say. Just letting them know that you care about how they feel will mean a lot to them. Like you want them to be an active party of the process and not just a follower.

Don’t: Force Anyone Outside Their Comfort Zone

The worst part of agreeing to be a bridesmaid will forever be the risk of doing something you don’t like or looking like someone that you are not. When choosing people for your bridal party, you are choosing them for them. If someone in your party is seriously against heavy makeup or a certain style, don’t force them outside of their comfort zone. It will show and they will feel miserable all day.

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Do: Be Open-Minded 

As much as you should be considerate of your bridesmaids, they too should be willing to meet you in the middle. The two of you, and the hair or makeup artist, should work together toress find an option that aligns with your vision and still allows the bridesmaid’s personality to shine through. Be open-minded and you won’t feel as bothered or frustrated by this scenario.

Don’t: Let Your Bridesmaids Run the Show

As much as you may trust your bridesmaids, don’t trust them to run the show on your big day. They may think that they will keep to time, but rarely does everything go without a hitch. If you rely on them to get their hair and makeup done in a timely manner, you risk rushing things at the last minute. And that doesn’t make for a calm and happy bride!

Do: Make Sure Someone is Monitoring the Time

Keeping time is essential on your wedding day. It is why we create intricate wedding day timelines so that everything goes to plan – and you don’t feel as stressed. You need someone on your team to make sure that everyone’s hair and makeup is done on time and that they will be ready to walk down the aisle.

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