Your ultimate guide to choosing the ideal wedding venue

Congratulations on getting engaged! We can only imagine how thrilled you both are to finally start planning for the most gorgeous day of your lives. But however exciting the whole planning process may seem, some things can make you feel overwhelmed. Choosing your ideal wedding venue, for example. This is the place that should flawlessly translate your big day’s dreams, so you need to be careful when making your choice.

To help you in this tricky task, we’ve decided to share a few useful tips on how to pick a wedding venue. Have a look at the list below to discover all that you need to know when deciding on the venue you’ve envisioned.

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How to choose the ideal wedding venue

Your special day should be a memorable experience you will be looking back on for the rest of your lives. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose wisely and pick the perfect venue for your immaculate event. Carefully considering various aspects, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you choose the place of your dreams.

  • Consider your desired style

One of the first things you need to consider when deciding on the ideal place is your personal style. You’d like to choose a place that aligns with your vision for the day. Therefore, you must determine, from the very beginning, which type of venue would make a perfect choice. 

Think about whether you’d prefer a small affair or a grandiose celebration. Moreover, consider whether you prefer an outdoor wedding venue or having your reception in a closed space. This will help you narrow down your choice and make your decision faster. 

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  • Discuss it with your planner

However flawlessly you may think you’ve organized your great event, know that there is always room for improvement. And utilizing an expert’s advice is one of your best chances, especially if you’re willing to consult your planner for the day. 

Namely, this person has years of professional experience organizing such affairs. Therefore, it’s only natural to ask for their advice on how to choose the ideal wedding venue. The odds are they already have well-established connections with several venues in your area. So, not only can they provide you with suggestions, but they can even grant you a discount. 

  • Choice the perfect location

Another thing to consider when contemplating how to choose a wedding venue is the location. Not all couples wish to host their event near them, and would rather opt for a destination celebration. No matter your preferences, it’s crucial that you first think about the location you wish to celebrate your love before going for a venue-hunting venture. Consider the beauty of a place’s surroundings, but don’t forget to calculate the travel convenience of your guests. After all, we’re certain you wouldn’t like to spend significant time making travel plans for the people who will attend your grant event. 

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  • Consider the date

When choosing the perfect venue, your affair’s date plays a significant part in the decision. Namely, it would be irrational to host your winter celebration in an outdoor venue just as much as organizing your height-of-summer event in a closed space. 

We highly recommend keeping your big date in mind while searching for a venue. However, remember that you still need to employ a bit of flexibility to find the true gem of a place for your wedding. 

  • Decide on the budget

Another factor that plays a crucial role in choosing the wedding venue of your dream is your budget. This one, in fact, influences many aspects of your decision, from choosing the exact location to deciding on the size of the place. 

Unfortunately, couples tend to spend more than they originally planned because they fail to consider the importance of setting a clear budget. So, try not to make the same mistake and figure out the important numbers beforehand. This will further help your choice of an ideal venue that will fit both your vision and your requirements.

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  • Make a visit

Once you narrow down your choices to a few potentially ideal places, it’s time to take the next step- explore the locations to see whether they actually fit your vision. Once you arrive at the place, you will be able to have an eye-on-eye conversation with the venue’s owner and staff and see the placement and decor of its interior and exterior. 

You should also consider the lighting solutions they incorporate since this will make all the difference not only in your experience but in your bridal photographs, too. 

  • Prioritize 

If we speak honestly, the odds of finding a place that completely caters to your wishes and requirements are close to zero. Although your goal is to find the perfect venue that will best meet your requirements, it’s very probable that you will need to prioritize some aspects. Think about which things you wouldn’t have your celebration without and which can be easily replaced or omitted. For example, if you really wish to host your affair in an outdoor wedding venue, then it’s logical not to settle for a closed one. But if you imagined having beige linens instead of the whites the venue provides, you can easily get your own or settle for the ones they provide.

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  • Finalize your guest list

Lastly, the length of your guest list plays a vital role in your choice of venue. In fact, this directly influences the size of the place you should be looking for. You would like to decide on a venue that can comfortably accommodate your friends and family, so it’s wise to finalize the guest list as early as possible. By the time you begin your venue search, you need at least a rough estimate of how many people will attend your celebration. This will help you filter out the places that don’t meet your requirements, leaving less room for contemplation.

We truly hope that our tips for choosing the wedding venue of your dreams will prove to be useful in your venture. At Wedding Style Society, we’re thorough and dedicated to providing our clients with the best logistics solutions. Therefore, we kindly invite you to check our list of trusted venues and allow the selection to inspire your decision. And in case you’re looking for more inspiration, feel free to check our blog section.

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