Hairdos For Your ‘I Dos’

On your wedding day, you will utter the two most important words you’ll ever say in your life, “I do”. However, it’s not the only “do” that will be on your mind that day. There is also the one on your head! That’s right, we’re talking about your hairdo. As with your vows, this will be the most important hairdo you’ll ever don.

Starting off, you may have a lot of questions. “What style should I pick?” “Up or down?” “Curly or straight?” “Rock some extensions or keep it short?” “There are too many options and not enough wedding days!” No worries, Shannon Michael Style has some helpful tips on finding the perfect wedding hairstyle. One that fits your personality, complements your dress and goes with your wedding theme. Let’s talk wedding day hair!

The Classic Updo

If the romantic bridal look is what you’re going for, a classic updo is for you! It helps to accentuate the face, elongate the neck. If you have a gown with an open back it will allow it to be seen. Your hair can be worn slicked back with a top knot, loosely pulled back with a curled bun. You might also consider a side part with a few loose strands. It is especially perfect for a wedding on a hot summer day! 

Hair Stylist: @carlywilliamshair

The All Down Do

This style is great for the free-flowing kind of bride. Are you the type to wear big sexy cascading waves? Go retro with beautiful finger waves? Maybe you like to keep it simple and super straight? Or maybe soft finger curls with a side part? Keeping your hair down, flowing, and loose in any style is perfect for any free-spirited bride!

Hair Stylist: @kasia_fortuna / MUA & Photographer: @kristinagasperasmua

The Half-Up, Half-Down Do

If you want the best of both worlds go with a half-up, half-down style. This style can be pulled fully back on top or pulled back in a part by taking pieces to the sides. You can really do so much with this look! Like curling the back, straightening it, or go wild and messy. You might add a few strands in the front for a more relaxed look. With any approach, the half-up, half-down choice is a sexy way to go!

Hair Stylist: @theupdodarling

The Short Do

Are you a chic bride with short hair? No problem! Variations to any of the above styles will work just as well for you. Rest assured, our stylist can work their magic with bobby pins to create your preferred look. Not to mention, tousled waves look good at every length. Temporary hair extensions are also an option, should you prefer to switch things up!

Makeup Artist: @faces_makeup_ / Hair Stylist: @sarah_lawrence_hairdressing⠀⠀

The Braided Do

Braids are a beautiful choice for the boho bride. Add a braid to any of the previously mentioned dos and voilà, a unique look! A side braid that is either teased or loose with accents of flowers can fit your breezy wedding theme. Braids are fun and will add a special touch to your wedding day look.

With so many style options, we suggest you start by considering your dress and the theme of your wedding. Then think about what would make you feel most comfortable, and that still feels like you. These styles give you a lot to think about, so we’ll let you get to it and get out of your hair!

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