Are you exhausted from searching for wedding vendors? 

What if you could have the perfect vendor find you by simply posting your details and requirements? 

create a need listing

Or maybe you are just short on time and need to find a very specific type of vendor in your area? 
If its any of the above you are in luck! We have created a reverse way for you to find the perfect vendor by listing exactly what your are looking for and letting ONLY those who fit in those requirements to reach out to you!! Just create a need listing by clicking the link!

Maybe you are super excited about planning your wedding but not finding the right vendors? 

Create a Need Listing 




Click on the link and select need listing to begin setting up your listing.

fill out your information and details. remember: be very specific and detailed!

Continue to the end of your entry and then you are all set!! Our vendor members will be able to acess your listings through a password protected site. 

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