The most popular wedding cake flavors in 2023

One of the most delightful aspects of planning for your special day is choosing the flavor of the cake. We are certain that couples particularly enjoy this task, having to indulge in various flavors before choosing the one they deem perfect. No matter how delicious they are, not two cakes taste the same. This is why it can be tricky to opt for a flavor you are sure will make the best option.

To assist you in this task, we have prepared a guide on trending wedding cake flowers we’re certain you’ll love. Although important, there is something more to a cake’s appearance: its delectable taste. So, allow the following list to tackle your senses and inspire the best flavor decision!

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Trending Wedding Cake Flavors in 2023

When considering wedding cake trends for 2023, it is important to ensure your cake tastes as good as it looks. Although your guests will admire the cake’s outward appearance, you need to choose the right flavor to complete the experience.

Below, you will discover the wedding cake flavors predominating this year. Ensure you have a candy bar by your side because we are certain you will crave something sweet by the end of the list. 

  • Vanilla and salted caramel

First on our list comes the infamous vanilla salted caramel flavor. This is a forever favorite among couples and guests, both. Regardless of that, someone might consider it a basic option. No one could argue with these two ingredients’ flavourful brilliance when combined. The best ones are made from homemade caramel sauce pressed between spongy vanilla layers. It is one of the most popular wedding cake flavors among those who seek a balance between sweet and salty. 

  • Tea infused

The infused taste of these trending cake flavors is slowly predominating the cake stations of so many love affairs. Made from homegrown teas’ delicate smells and taste, they come in endless varieties and combinations. If you are up for a delicious shift, you should definitely give the tea-infused cake a try.

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  • Carrot

Another one that is slowly paving its way on the list of trendy wedding cake flavors is the popular carrot cake. There is seldom a person that isn’t keen on its flawless taste and texture combination. So, why not consider promoting it to the position of the bridal sweet everyone will be looking forward to? Combined with a soft cream cheese feeling, we are certain you will manage to sweep your guests off of their feet.

  • White chocolate and raspberry

For delicate-taste lovers who search for the perfect balance between sweet richness and tart fruitiness, this is ideal for you. The combination of white chocolate and fresh raspberries is one of the best wedding cake flavors. It is simply perfect for a summer event in a lavishly green outdoor space.

  • Strawberry and basil

Yet another fruity combination, only this one is paired with a plant. To the surprise of many, strawberries and basil go so well together that we are sure you will be looking forward to some more. Even for those who are skeptics at heart, we kindly recommend that you at least give this flavor a try.

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  • Lemon and blueberry

Dreaming of infusing vibrant Italian vibes into the most beautiful day of your lives? Lemon and blueberry are one of the most popular wedding cake trends for 2023 that won’t leave you indifferent. The refreshing aroma and zesty taste, paired with the soft texture of buttercream and vanilla create a divine flavor blend. The combination of blueberry and lemon is also ideal for a summer marriage celebration that takes place in the enchanting outdoors.

  • Biscoff

If you wish to indulge in a soft textural delight to satisfy everyone’s taste, the Biscoff cake is your safest bet. This is one of the wedding cake flavors that is slowly taking over all others. The spongy vanilla layers paired with Biscoff-flavored buttercream and crushed Lotus biscuits make a delightful medley you will love. 

  • Coconut 

If you are having a beach celebration, a coconut-flavored cake would perfectly match the overall theme. This tropical flavor may be used in different combinations and forms, managing to achieve a savory delight each time. Moreover, this is perfect for those who are looking for a minimalist vibe, allowing the plain whiteness of the coconut to dictate the look of the overall cake.

Photo credit: Jan Kish La Petite Fleur

  • Pina colada

In an attempt to give the plain coconut a twist, Pina Colada is another on the list of popular wedding cake flavors you have to try. Honestly, this is one of the most refreshing flavors you can infuse your cake with. Just imagine the serene tropical vibes your bridal cake will bring upon you, bite after bite. Imagine feeling the roasted coconut flakes and pineapple compote blend in with the soft vanilla buttercream. Sounds quite delightful, doesn’t it?

  • Chocolate and coffee

We are going to finish our list with yet another staple flavor- chocolate and coffee. This is a favorite combination of many who love a familiar taste’s simplicity. Moreover, the blend of rich chocolate and dark coffee, which serves to further enhance the flavor is unmatched. However delightful it sounds, we definitely recommend that you use this one for your autumn or winter affair, as it might come as too strong for a summer one.

Photo credit: The Suisse Shop

We truly hope our wedding cake flavors suggestions will inspire you to choose the one that will embellish your special day. The choice is vast, so we only opted for the ones that are currently trending and that you won’t regret choosing. 

At Wedding Style Society, we are dedicated to assisting future newlyweds in choosing the best services for the day. Therefore, we encourage you to check our list of bakeries that will manage to achieve the utmost delight of flavors. And if you are interested in reading more, then don’t forget to check our blog page for some further wedding inspiration.

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