Most popular wedding flowers for 2023 and their meaning

Planning for the most beautiful day of your life? Then you’re aware it requires thinking about plenty of details that need to be incorporated. And among all of the things that play a crucial role in your marriage celebration, florals are definitely something you couldn’t possibly imagine your big day without. There are several things to pay attention to when choosing the right florals – from trying to pair them with the theme you picked for the day to making them fit the predominant color palette. And if you’re unsure which ones to choose for your event this year, have a look at the most popular wedding flowers that will make a statement in 2023!

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Popular wedding flowers and their meanings

Whether you are inspired by current trends or looking for an urban twist to classic wedding flower favorites, we are confident you’ll find something for your taste. Carefully discover the following wedding flower trends for 2023 and see which ones best match your personality and vision for the day.

Lily of the Valley

One of the trends you should expect to see this year are small but incredibly impactful bridal bouquets. If you’re interested in embracing this trend, then it’s only natural to look for floral options that match your vision. This means choosing petite flowers that will allow you to scale down the large cascading bouquets you’re used to seeing. And Lily of the Valley is the perfect choice for this purpose.

The tiny appearance of these small white flowers is ideal for adorning your bouquet. They carry an elegant and sophisticated feel that is perfect for brides who wish to achieve a classy look. Moreover, their sweet fragrance is definitely something you’re going to enjoy as you gracefully pace through the day. Regarding its symbolism, the Lily of the Valley represents sweetness and purity of heart, making them ideal for marriage celebrations.

Spray roses

Speaking of petite wedding flower trends for 2023, there is yet another floral you can consider including in your compact arrangements. People often say they look like smaller alternatives to the classic roses brides usually use. But the difference is, they have multiple blooms on a stem, commonly five to seven. They usually don’t emit a scent and come in various colors to match your theme’s palette better.

In terms of their meaning, spray roses represent romance, love, and happiness. This is yet another reason why they’re such popular wedding flowers that we’ll see plenty of this year.


If you are following trends, you are probably familiar with Viva Magenta being this year’s color. Modern brides are all about embracing this hue into their wedding theme, opting for flowers that perfectly match the shade requirements. Among the wedding flowers that come in magenta, peonies are certainly the ones that match it to perfection. 

These lush, fluffy florals are ideal for romantic brides who wish to add volume to their flower arrangements. The overlapping petals make these blooms appear dense and luxurious, elevating the appearance of every love affair. These wedding flowers meaning is happiness and fruitful marriage, and they’re usually available for purchase May through July- perfect for late spring- early summer celebrations.


Carnations radiate similar vibes to the peonies we have mentioned above due to their lush and dense appearance. In fact, these lovely flowers are characterized by their fringe-petaled blooms, which often give off a spicy fragrance that will enchant your senses. 

Carnation florals are often combined with other plain blooms to achieve a lavish yet affordable look. Moreover, they are popular wedding flowers because they symbolize pure love and gratitude, making them perfect for the occasion.


If you are searching for intricate, lovely florals, then we suggest you consider the beautiful dahlias. They are often considered one of the wedding flowers that pair well with almost every theme, mainly due to their wide range of shades. You can use them to make a statement by including them in your centerpieces, dinner plates, as well as bridal bouquets. 

Meaning-wise, dahlias mean ‘from the valley’, which makes them especially suitable for garden celebrations.



Next on our list of popular wedding flowers are chrysanthemums, distinctive composite flowers with a daisy-like appearance. Their blooms come in a medley of colors, making them an ideal fit for a variety of themes and palettes. However, it’s not only their classic appearance and beautiful variety that makes them such a popular choice. Their meaning symbolizes joy, which is exactly the feeling they radiate when included in bridal floral arrangements. Moreover, their compact size and dense appearance make them ideal to use with the purpose of adding volume to your bouquet and centerpiece, as well as incorporating a pop of color.


Lastly, we have the almighty anthuriums. These stunning and immense evergreen plants are quite a common choice for classy yet contemporary brides. They have glossy, waxy spathe and yellow tail-like spadix that emerges from the base of the flower. If you’re enchanted by the clean bridal decor and sophisticated themes, then anthuriums are the perfect choice for the day. Due to their tropical vibe, they’re perfect for beach ceremonies or outdoor events that exude this feel. 

Regarding their meaning, anthuriums symbolize hospitality, happiness, and abundance. All these are lovely qualities you probably wish to attract on your special day.

We truly hope this list of popular wedding flowers will inspire you to choose the blossoms that will help translate your floral wedding dream to the utmost perfection. And if you are searching for the right florist, we kindly recommend that you look at our list of supreme vendors. At Wedding Style Society, our team gives its best to assist future brides in finding the vendor of their dreams, so you shouldn’t hesitate but rely on our honest recommendations. 

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