Pros & Cons of Hosting a Holiday Wedding

Selecting a date to host your wedding is often one of the first tasks on a couple’s wedding to-do list. And some of the first dates people consider and rule out, are the holidays! Hosting a holiday wedding might be your dream, or it might just be a convenient date. But as with any date, there are pros and cons that will influence your final decision. If you need help determining if hosting a holiday wedding is for you, keep reading to learn some pros and cons!

Pro: It Will Be Easy to Remember and Celebrate!

One of the reasons that couples consider holidays before any other dates are because they are some of the first to enter our minds. And because of this, you can bet that if you do choose to host a holiday wedding, it’s not a date that either you or your partner are likely to forget. In addition, this will make it much easier to celebrate! Just like the holidays, you will remember it in the months leading up to the date and will therefore have plenty of time to prepare.

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Con: Your Anniversary Will Be Lumped in with the Holiday

While hosting a holiday wedding may mean that you and your spouse remember your anniversary, it might actually make it more difficult for others to remember. Just like a birthday, it’s easy to lump a wedding anniversary in with the holidays or even forget it entirely – after all, it’s a chaotic time of year! So if you are someone who feeds off of that attention and would be upset should your family or friends forget your anniversary, then you might opt not to host a holiday wedding.

Pro: You Already Have a Theme

For some couples, hosting a wedding isn’t exactly their forte. You might be happy with a simple wedding and find any extra frills unnecessary. So when it comes to choosing a theme, you can feel utterly lost and overwhelmed. But if you choose to host your wedding on a holiday, then a huge perk is that it comes with a theme. You can run with the kitschy holiday colors and decor, rather than create or come up with your own. Overall, this can help take a lot of stress off of your plate and enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

Con: Guests May Not be Available

One of the biggest downsides of hosting a holiday wedding is the availability of guests. The bottom line is that the holidays came first. Plus, some people highly anticipate spending this time of the year with family. Meaning, your wedding just may align with their personal schedule. If you do choose to host a holiday wedding, you should acknowledge that a solid portion of guests may not be able to attend. So mentally prepare to receive a handful of declined invitations and don’t take it personally!

Pro: You Can Save on Some Decor

Decorations account for a decent portion of your wedding budget. But when it comes to hosting a holiday wedding, decorations can be relatively minimal. And even if you opt for a more extravagant holiday wedding, there are a lot of ways you can save money. For starters, you can use your existing holiday decor. Such as garlands for table centerpieces, pillows or throws for cozy lounge areas, and lanterns for the aisle way. Put on your creative hat, and you’ll find a lot of ways to save in this area!

Con: It Can Be More Costly

While you might save on decor, several other aspects of hosting a holiday wedding can be more expensive. For example, venues will be in higher demand. And wedding vendors may charge more as the work takes away from their personal time. In addition, a holiday wedding can also cost your guests more. The cost of traveling will definitely be up, and lodging is likely to follow. You will want to keep this in mind when considering your family and friends’ budgets! Alternatively, you might choose to host a much smaller and more intimate wedding. Then host a second reception or similar celebration closer to home at some point in the future.

It is our hope that sharing the pros and cons of hosting a holiday wedding will help you make a confident decision. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Are there any other factors we missed that would influence your decision to host a holiday wedding?

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