Reasons You May Need a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding isn’t for everyone. Plain and simple! Not everyone enjoys it, not everyone has the time, and not everyone has the creative capacity. For these reasons and many more, you might therefore opt to hire someone to guide you through the process. In turn, making it more enjoyable. But how can you be sure that this decision is the right one? Here are a few reasons that you may need a wedding planner, and why doing so will help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.

Help Defining Your Vision

To start planning a wedding, you’ll need to have an end goal. More specifically, a vision of what you want your day to look like, from ceremony to reception. But this can be difficult for many brides. Some find the unlimited options overwhelming and need help pinpointing what exactly it is that they want. 

Enter a wedding planner! Wedding planners are up to date on current trends and will be able to help you select a style that aligns with your, hand your fiances, personalities. Granted, most wedding planners prefer to work within a specific range of styles. So do your research and invest in a wedding planner that you connect with on a personal level.

Budgeting Issues or Advice

One of the largest challenges that couples face is budgeting. As most couples haven’t planned a wedding before, they aren’t able to appropriately estimate the amount of money required and how far it can go. Couples find themselves underbudgeting and overspending in a variety of areas. Come to the end of the planning process, they are low on money and high on stress.

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How can a wedding planner alleviate this issue? Having planned several weddings, they understand costs, in and out. From how much every type of wedding vendor will cost, to the tiniest details in between. A planner can lay out what can be achieved with a specific budget, as well as the limits of a budget. They will also be your go-to for bookings, ensuring that you are getting the best bang for your buck.

To Keep You on-Track

Another problem many brides face is staying on track. That is, completing tasks on their wedding planning to-do list on time. There are relatively clear deadlines for every task throughout the planning process. From when you should book every vendor to sending out invitations. Getting behind, in any capacity, is a surefire way to cause yourself unnecessary stress.

Once hired, a wedding planner will be like a teacher. Setting and encouraging you to meet all of your deadlines. So as much as you may try to avoid or delay completing a task, they will be there to help you check it off your list. Depending on the specific planner you hire, in a more or less demanding way. Not all wedding planners are the same, so carefully consider exactly what type of encouragement you need.

For Exclusive Savings & Referrals

A lesser-known perk of hiring a wedding planner is access to exclusive savings and referrals. Note, however, that these are only obtainable with more established planners. Having been in the business for a reasonable amount of time, a planner will be able to introduce you to other businesses. You might then be offered services at a discounted rate. Similarly, wedding planners may have access to in-demand vendors that you would be less likely to obtain on your own.

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It’s important to note that this particular benefit usually comes at a slightly higher cost. But that cost will be negated due to savings the wedding planner helps you acquire. Take this into consideration when researching planners. During an interview or consultation, be sure to ask about in which areas they can help you save money. And, what exclusive offers booking with them provides.

Combat Stress & Time Constraints

Depending on the type of wedding planner you hire, you can be almost completely hands-off throughout the process. For some brides and grooms, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to plan a wedding. For others, there isn’t any interest. They would prefer to show up the day-of and know that everything would go without a hitch.

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Given permission, a wedding planner will research for you, book vendors, and beyond. However, there are some things a wedding planner cannot do, such as signing checks and contracts. They will instead provide you all of the tools and knowledge they can muster to make the experience as easy and as enjoyable as is possible.

At the Wedding Style Society our goal is to help you enjoy wedding planning, whether you are doing it yourself or with the help of a wedding planner. Let us know if you have or intend to hire a wedding planner, and why, in the comments below.

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