Reasons Your Wedding Needs a Food Truck (or Two)

In recent years, more attention has been placed on the food and drinks served at a wedding. From the cocktail hour to dinner and dessert, guests are looking for a memorable experience. And so, food trucks have become popular, allowing guests to get hands-on while enjoying the fast and fresh fare. In case you weren’t already convinced, here are reasons that you need a wedding food truck or two.

The Cost

Determining whether a food truck is right for your wedding, in regards to cost, can be difficult. There are a lot of little details that you’ll want to consider. First, many food trucks have a minimum. You’ll want to make sure you can meet it. Second, consider what does not come with a food truck. Traditional caterers usually offer other services, such as serving ware or cutlery, or even drinks. A food truck typically does not. Then there is the type of food that you will be served. The food from a truck is typically more casual, so if your goal is a more upscale event, then it may not align with your overall vision.  


One of the plus sides of a food truck is that it’s no fuss for the bride and groom. The food is usually served up on single-use serving ware that is tossed in the trash. So there won’t be any need for elaborate tablescapes or investment in fine china. If you plan your event well, then you’ll also be able to ensure that dinner time is orderly. Consider giving guests a ticket each, which they will give to the food truck to obtain their meal. Then you won’t have to worry about paying for extra plates.

Cold Refreshments

In addition to food, you can also book drink trucks for your event. Serving up everything from cold champagne to wine and craft beer. And let us tell you, it makes a difference! Especially during warm-weather weddings, when the temps can be brutal. A truck will usually offer anywhere from one to several drink options for guests, depending on how many taps they have. Note, however, they are unlikely to provide glassware. So you’ll have to buy your own or rent it from another business. If you’re planning to offer unlimited drinks, consider gifting a cup or glass as your wedding favor!

Hot and Fresh Food

If we had to big one particular perk about food trucks, it would be that the food is hot and fresh. You simply can’t beat it! Food trucks typically make food to order, but guests won’t mind the wait. It will be worth it when they have piping hot food in hand, versus a scoop of green beans that have been left exposed to the air and other guests. For foodies, there is quite a bit of hype surrounding food from a truck. So the wait time will allow your guests to get excited, lending to the overall experience.

Interactive Decor

In recent years, interactive decorations have become a hit. And a drink truck or cart is just that! Guests are always eager to interact with a self-serve area. Just imagine a trendy area, featuring colorful balloons or fresh florals. Maybe a cute neon sign? Depending on how adorable your setup is, it will also double as decor. Seriously! You’ll be surprised by the number of guests who use it as a backdrop for their photographs.

Late-Night Snacks

If you plan for your reception to run long, then one of the best ways to treat your wedding guests is with a late-night snack. There is nothing like greasy french fries, pretzels, or another delicious snack at midnight. Plus, it will encourage guests to stick around, and on the dance floor, for much longer. Other popular options include coffee carts, featuring a signature drink with a fun syrup or flavor!

Let us know what you think? Do you like the idea of having a food truck at your wedding? If you plan on having a food truck, let us know what kind of food or drinks you will be serving?

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