Should I Rent or Buy A Wedding Dress?

Before trying on wedding dresses, you will have a decision to make. Not about the silhouette, fabric, or designer. But whether you should rent or buy a wedding dress. This is an important question, one that many brides tend to overlook. Often we jump straight to the racks, without considering which option best suits our needs and wallets. Learn about some of the factors that may impact your decision to rent or buy a wedding dress, in addition to the pros and cons of both.

Renting a Wedding Dress

One of the most common reasons that someone chooses to rent a wedding dress is the price.  And not necessary since they can’t afford to buy a gown. Rather they do not want to spend a lot of money on a gown that they will wear for one day. Some people would rather not have a dress collecting dust in the back of their closet. You may prefer to invest that money elsewhere, such as your honeymoon or your first home. The average cost to rent a wedding dress is anywhere between $50 to $500.


  • It will cost less
  • No hassle of cleaning or storing a gown
  • You can rent a designer gown you would never have been able to afford to buy
  • It is great for the environment! You won’t be contributing to the waste created by the wedding fashion industry
  • You will have fewer options – some brides prefer to keep it simple!


  • No sentimental aspect
  • No keepsake of your wedding day ensemble
  • You can not alter the gown and it may not fit you perfectly
  • You are responsible for damages and associated fees
  • Your options may be limited
  • You will not get the dress buying experience
  • There are some risks associated with renting online*

*If you choose to rent a wedding dress and do so online, be warned! Carefully read reviews to ensure that the company or business you are considering is trustworthy. 

Buying a Wedding Dress

Purchasing a wedding dress is first and foremost a tradition. It is a part of the wedding planning process that brides look forward to and feel a need to take part in. Buying a wedding dress makes the gown more special because you alone own it. It is a purchase that is sentimental and often kept as a keepsake. Although it is unlikely that your own daughter will wear it, it’s nice to have it as an option. The average price for a wedding gown in 2019 is $1,600. Note that this price may vary depending on the designer, materials, and other details of the dress.


  • You will have a lifelong keepsake
  • You will get to enjoy the dress buying experience
  • You have every option in terms of designer, fit, fabrics, and so on
  • There is a resale value if you do choose to sell your gown in the future
  • You can make alterations to achieve the perfect fit


  • Much more expensive
  • You will have to clean and store the dress, which can be a hassle and will cost more money

At the Wedding Society, we’re with you in whatever you choose! What works for one bride won’t necessarily work for another, both in terms of price or preference. Our recommendation is either case however is that you still take the time to visit a bridal boutique. This will allow you to get a taste for the silhouette and styles that you are interested in. In the long run, this will make shopping much easier, whether you choose to rent or buy.

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