The Pros & Cons of Children At Your Wedding

When it comes time to create a wedding guest list, you’ll have to consider exactly who will be allowed at your event. And not in the sense of who is and is not worth buying a plate for. But whether or not children will be welcome. There are both upsides and downsides to having kiddos in attendance, which you would be wise to consider. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of children at your wedding!

kids at wedding
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The Pros:

  1. They Lend a Sense of Fun that Nothing Can Replace

Kids have an infectious energy and spirit that will be contagious to guests. You’ve probably seen this in action and not necessarily noticed. For example, kids are almost always the first to hit the dance floor, and often drag adults along with them. They can literally kickstart the party, and that’s not something you want to overlook.

  1. Its Considered More Polite

We can’t ignore that it could be perceived as rude to exclude children from your event. This may or may not apply to your personality, but it is something to consider. A good way to gauge whether or not your guests may take offense to a no children clause is to ask family and friends. Ask them to be honest and make your decision from there. At the end of the day, it is your wedding.

  1. They’re Seriously Adorable

I mean come on, even if you don’t like kids, you still like kids. They’re cute and often time downright hilarious. Give them enough cake or sugar and they’re basically small drunk humans. Whether or not kids are your favorite, we would place money on the fact that they will lend something special to your day.

children at your wedding
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The Cons:

  1. You’ll Lose Some Guests

If you do not allow kids at your event, you’ll have to consider a few other factors. One is that you may lose some guests. They may not come at all or they may choose to leave a little earlier than you would like. This is especially true for guests who have younger kids, and may not be comfortable leaving them with a sitter yet. Keep this in mind, as it would be inappropriate to make a no kids clause and then be upset when guests have to decide on their own.

  1. They Aren’t the Most Cooperative

Kids are rude (at no fault of their own of course). They somehow manage to cry at the absolute worst times, like during your vows or first kiss. They can be near impossible to wrangle during a long ceremony. And if you plan to have them be a part of the procession, then just expect for them to do something obnoxious versus just walking down the aisle. If any of these things would put a big damper on your day, then you probably won’t want kids in attendance.

  1. Less Attention On You

There is no debating that kids are amazing at stealing attention. As mentioned, they’re cute and obnoxious. So they tend to be the stars of the show. If your goal is for all eyes to be on you throughout the day, then you won’t like having kids in attendance (especially younger ones). People will end up talking about the funny stuff the kids are doing or how cute they look, versus your dress or first dance.

The decision as to whether or not to have children at your wedding is totally up to you. While it is good to get other people’s input and consider the pros and cons, you also have to account for your own preference. Let us know if children will attend your wedding, and how you came to the decision, in the comment section below!

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