The Trending Wedding Aesthetics We’re Obsessing Over

If you’re recently engaged, a great way to kickstart your wedding planning journey is by checking out the latest trends. It will help you get an idea of all the different wedding styles and start to refine your own. Get inspired when you take a look at some of our favorite trending wedding aesthetics!

Urban Chic

This wedding style is a perfect combination of edgy yet modern details. Typically this type of event is hosted in an industrial setting, featuring exposed brick or metalwork. As for decor, it is just the opposite. You want to create contrast by placing bright solid decor against the dark textured venue walls. If the venue is bright, opt for a dark or vibrant colored palette. Usually, the decor is quite minimal, as you won’t want to cover up the unique walls and industrial details.

Flowers: @anatomyofflowers / Banners: @banginhangins 

Romantic Minimalism

If you’ve been dreaming of a wedding that is modern but classically romantic, then consider this style. Romantic minimalism is all about simplicity but features soft and sweeping decor. Think along the lines of organic plants, with long stems, lots of greenery, and large blooms. As for your wedding venue,  you might like a setting that has an open layout and minimal decorations. At most, it may have elegant but sleek lighting fixtures and a bright crisp color palette.

hotographer: @terrieimages / Florist: @millpondestate / Venue: @grandolbarn

Historic Chic

Our favorite of these latest trending wedding aesthetics, historic chic is all about the venue. Typically, historic venues feature a dated main house and a large yard or garden. Most weddings are hosted on the outside, to showcase the seasonal foliage or flowers. Although, the interior of the main house will lend a sophisticated and charming look to your event. To complement the venue, most brides will opt for a slightly muted palette. Should you have a more colorful palette, you will achieve a slightly whimsical vibe. As for decor, we recommend featuring vintage-inspired pieces or furnishings.

Florist: @flora.andraya / Designer: @seededeventsanddesign / Rentals: @the_prettiest_peices / Photography: @avonnephotography

Moody Forested

Since Twilight, forest weddings have peaked in popularity. But we’re loving this modern and moody spin! Sweeping trees will create a romantic vibe, while a dark or rich color palette will make for an edgy twist. Think jewel tones, and deep brown or black. In terms of decor or florals, consider featuring unique textures. Perhaps pampas grass, bleached flowers, or twiggy spray. You don’t need to feature any more woods, although you can. Instead, we recommend furniture that will lend contrast, such as contemporary furnishings.

Venue: @diewoud / Photo: @thunderandlove

Luxe Contemporary

If your goal is a sophisticated but minimal event, go luxe but contemporary. When you think of this style, think of an art gallery. Think of the bright open layout and the simple yet sleek architecture. That’s contemporary! As for the luxury part, it’s easy to achieve with the right decor. You won’t want to feature anything with a wild pattern, but you can have fun colors. Stick to solids for an overall clean look, but throw in some shiny metallics, like gold or silver. If the lines are looking too harsh, break things up with soft and romantic floral arrangements.

Wedding Planning & Styling @thecreativesloft / Venue @pamm @pammvenue / Photo @zulierego
Via @upsidedownevents / Styling+Floral+Stationary @upsidedownevents / Venue @lunaparkvenues

Dark Bohemian

Possibly our favorite trend is dark bohemian. This super moody style isn’t over the top, but it is edgy and intimate. To achieve this look, you’ll first have to create a rich and dark color palette. To lend contrast, make sure you include at least one bright color like white or ivory. For decor, you have a lot of options, although we love vintage-inspired furnishings with texture. Like velvet or felt! For your florals, opt for a combination of large soft blooms and fun textures. Consider pampas grass and unique inclusions, like bird feathers.

Photographer/Stylist: @maddiemellottphotography / Stationery: @vertala_

Whimsical Chic

Not into the dark palettes? No worries! You can achieve an equally fun and modern wedding look with bright and cheerful colors. Take this whimsical and chic wedding style! It features some of the most vibrant colors, ranging from bold blues to neon pinks and yellows – easy to achieve with flowers. You’ll also want to include white, for a crisp and airy vibe. A shiny metallic will also add an elegant touch. For decor, don’t be afraid of textures like rattan or whicker. Or for a more romantic look, try sweeping drapery, like extra long table runners.

Photographer: @corinnarosephoto / Host: @styledshootsacrossamerica / Planning & Design: @heatherbengeevents / Venue: @ChateauCocomar / Florals: @Beth.Oreilly.aifd / Rentals: @swiftevents

Did one of these trending wedding aesthetics catch your eye or heart? Let us know which one is your favorite, or if there is one that you aren’t a fan of! Are there any that we missed!

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