Tips for a Better Backyard Wedding Bar

A bar is one of the hottest areas of a wedding reception! Guests will visit it multiple times throughout the night, not only to grab drinks but to use it as a social point. For these very reasons, you will want a bar that is as fun as it is functional. To help inspire you to get creative, here are a few tips and ideas for a better backyard wedding bar!

Mobile Bars

Mobile bars have been a hit in recent years! Oftentimes colorful, they are both functional and a fun backdrop for photographs. These bars also make clean-up a breeze! While it does leave you with a fairly limited of beverages up for grabs, it is perfect for a more casual event or those with less picky guests. To make it even more fun, consider placing a selection of garnishes nearby.

A Beer Barrow

If you plan to create your own wedding bar, you’ll need a place to keep your drinks cold. This beer canoe is the perfect example, packed with ice and a selection of drinks. You can use any container you like to suit your theme. Whether it be a wheelbarrow for a garden wedding, a canoe for a lakeside event, or simple but modern acrylic containers. 

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Drink Displays

If you plan to serve a single signature cocktail, we recommend a drink station! Drink stations are beautiful, making them a fun place for guests to visit. Not to mention it puts your signature cocktail on show. There are all sorts of ways to display your drinks, whether it be a simple stand or a hedge champagne wall. For this idea, we recommend jumping over to Pinterest to see all of your options!

In The Round

Traditional bars have a single front but consider a circular bar. A bar in the round is a better way to serve more guests and faster! Making is especially perfect for large-scale events. This type of bar is more suitable for upscale events, wherein a wider selection or more intricate drinks are being served. This way when one person is waiting on a drink to be served, the line won’t be as prone to backing up.

Seasonal Flavors

Depending on the season that your event will take place, consider featuring seasonal fruits in your alcoholic beverages. For spring and summer think berries, including blackberries, strawberries, and pineapple. During colder months, there is grapefruit, cranberries, and apples! By showcasing fresh and seasonal fruits, your drinks will be more authentic, flavorful, plus expensive.

DIY Drink Station

If you’re looking for a memorable interactive element, make a DIY drink station! This will be a hotspot amongst both kids and adults – with non-alcoholic options of course. For example, during the winter you can create a spiked hot chocolate bar with an array of sweet and salty toppings. During the warmer months, you can create a delicious mimosa bar, with a variety of fresh fruit and juices.

Is there another fun way that you plan on serving up alcohol at your upcoming backyard wedding bar? Be sure to let us, and other readers, know in the comments below!

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