Top Bridal Makeup Looks for Every Type of Bride

Deciding on bride makeup for your big day can be as overwhelming as selecting a wedding dress! There are so many looks to consider and not enough time to try each one. When narrowing down which look would work best, we recommend starting with your bridal style. To help inspire you, and give you some ideas to test out, we’ve compiled popular bridal makeup looks for every type of bride.

The Alternative Bride

For the non-traditional bride, you need makeup that is as bold and unique as your personality. Dark or smokey eyeliner is classic for this type of look, and you can never go wrong with a dark lip. Warm tones are currently super trendy, so opt for a deep brown-burgundy eye versus black. For your lip, go with wine or deep red with a purple undertone.

The Glam Bride

If your overall theme is glam, then you’ll want dramatic makeup that can hold its own. For this look, we recommend letting your eyes be the focus. Go with a rich smokey eye and pat the lid with any shimmery shadow. We’re currently swooning over deep browns and orange-toned reds. Lastly, line the eye with solid black before topping it all off with an impressive set of false lashes.

The Casual Bride

Some brides prefer to keep their look casual, and that’s cool too! If this is your goal, then you’ll want a look as close to natural as possible. This typically means minimal makeup, natural rosy blush, and a relatively toned-down eye look. If liner is a must for you, go with brown instead of black. Keep your browns natural but fluffed up and go with a nude lip.

The Boho Bride

For our boho brides, you want makeup that is neutral yet still feminine. Think along the lines of soft, smokey eyes in a deep brown or rose color. Brows that are filled but simple. Lips that are nude but rock some gloss. This makeup style is perfect for those who want a vibe that is both unique yet elegant.

The Understated Bride

Makeup is fun, although sometimes less is more! For the understated bride, you’ll want makeup that truly complements your natural beauty. Think minimal foundation and little to no color. That is, natural but fluffed up brows. Slightly rosy lips and cheeks. And as for the eyes, a plain but sleek black or brown liner. Notice how this bride glows, with a touch of highlighter to accent her stunning cheekbones.

The Traditional Bride

If your goal is a traditional bridal look then we’ve got you covered. In general, a traditional bridal look is simple yet put together. Your makeup should be well-rounded, including a relatively natural eye look, filled-in brows, and a pink pout. Usually, eyelashes are natural but touched up with a bit of mascara. If you want an extra dose of color, add it via lipstick. Don’t add it to the eyes, or you’ll end up with a more dramatic vibe.

The Chic Bride

One of our favorite bridal makeup looks, the chic bride is light and airy with the perfect touch of modern elegance. This look starts with a medium coverage foundation, some light contouring, and rosy cheeks. Keep the brows natural but shapely. For the eyes, you’ll have a look similar to glam, but brighter. Avoid darker tones, like black and brown, and opt for romantic reddish hues.

The Statement Bride

For the bride who wants to make a statement, color is a must. With the exception of some alternative looks, no other bridal styles tend to feature a lot of colors. When it comes to statement makeup, the trick is finding the right balance. If you feature a lot of color on the eye, keep the rest of the look toned down. Notice that while this bride’s eyes are bright blue, her lips and lashes remain bare.

The Romantic Bride

If your aim is a romantic, almost ethereal, look then you’ll need makeup that is bright and rosy. For this style, you’ll want to stay far away from black or other dark shades. Use a similar color all over the face, from the eyelids to the cheeks and lips. If you want to accent the eyes, use a warm shade of brown. Skip the liner and keep it simple with mascara.

The Modern Bride

The modern bright is elegant and sophisticated, and so is her makeup. For this look, the foundation tends to be full coverage with contouring. You can rosy up your cheeks if you feel like it, although it is totally up to you and whether it suits your complexion. For the eyes, go with dramatic lashes, solid black liner, and even a small wing. To top it all off, use warm nude lipstick.

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