Trending Bachelorette Party Ideas

One of the most anticipated pre-wedding celebrations is the bachelorette party. A final fling, bachelorette parties are a trip planned by the bride’s closest friend. During which, activities usually revolve around the bride’s interests and touring the destination of choice. The goal? Helping the bride escape from all her wedding-related stress and celebrating her upcoming marriage. Here are a few trending bachelorette party ideas to help you plan to best bach bash possible!

Do Something Adventurous

The people chosen to attend a bachelorette party all have one thing in common. Their relationship with the bride! If there is one thing that you should take away from the trip, it is memories. Plan something adventurous that you will be able to look back on for years to come. This group of gals enjoyed a hike at the beautiful Zion National Park!

Wear Matching ‘Fits

Most bridal parties consist of at least one night at the bars or out on the town. For which everyone will need a trendy outfit. Consider wearing matching themed outfits for one night, like these chic cowgirl-inspired looks. Make sure the bride stands out from the bunch with a mostly white get-up.

Take a Pole Dancing Class

If the bride-to-be enjoys some risque fun, then you have to take a pole dancing class. Most pole dancing studios offer group rates, catered to bachelorette parties. During the class, you will learn how to maneuver around a pole, plus some basic moves. Best of all, it will boost the bride’s confidence!

Cute & Tasty Treats

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat or two? We sure do! Intricately decorated cookies are always a fun way to celebrate the bride. Plus they make for adorable photos. You can get a single batch made just for the bride, or enough to share with the entire entourage.

Custom Goody Bags

This idea may depend on your budget, but if you have a decent one then goody bags are a must. It’s the perfect way to ensure that everyone is ready for the trip and activities ahead. Fill it with everything from koozies, to snacks, emergency ibuprofen, matching accessories, and more.

Daring Adult Games

When the night is over and you’re enjoying a drink, there’s nothing better than a card game to help pass the time. Even better if it involves some hilarious truth sharing and dares! In ‘Girls Night In’, cards equal points.

Venmo the Bride

A newer idea, Venmo the bride can be achieved in a variety of ways. In either case, you’ll probably have some awesome encounters, make some new friends, and bulk up the bride’s spending money. An easier version involves writing the bride’s Venmo handle on the back of your travel vehicle’s window. The other involves a little more creativity, by making some stickers featuring her Venmo QR code.

An Instagram-Worthy Backdrop

If you and the bride are Instagram fans then you’ve got to create a photo-worthy backdrop. You can keep it simple, with balloons and a metallic foil curtain. If you want to ramp things up, you can feature signage with witty phrasing. For example, “Bach & Boujee” or “Last Fling Before the Ring”.

Matching Swimwear

Whether you have plans to hit up the beach or a pool, matching swimwear is a must. These trendy one-piece bathing suits make for adorable photos – which you won’t be able to stop taking. Be sure to stock up on wedding-themed pool floats as well!

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