Trendy Colorful Groomswear Inspiration

Although most of the attention is on the bride and her dress on a wedding day, the groom is equally important. He too deserves to wear an outfit that makes him feel handsome and confident! And while black is a classic choice, trends are shifting towards suits and accessories that feature more colors. To help inspire your groom, we’re sharing some of our favorite colorful groomswear, suitable for every theme and style of wedding.

Let’s kick things off with a bright and unique color, Fuschia! This striking tuxedo is entirely the same color, making the groom’s white undershirt and floral print tie stand out. He opted for a boutonniere that matches near perfectly. We love this look for a spring garden wedding, in addition to a ceremony in a less colorful setting where the suit can stand out.

Blue suits are one of the most popular colors next to black. They are available in almost any color, from a bright chic blue to a more classic navy. While a bright color would be more suitable for spring, a deep blue can be worn year-round. This groom opted for a matching tuxedo, however, it would look a blue suit jacket paired with grey tweed pants wood look equally handsome. 

Less men are keen on wearing pink for their wedding day, but one way to tone down a bright suit is by opting for a piece that features patterns. This deep rose-colored suit features a classic madras pattern with small black and white details. It was paired with a darker patterned tie, a white dress shirt, and dress khakis.

Via @polkadotwedding / Photography by @figtreepictures

Don’t underestimate the impact of a green suit! Although a less common color for suits, it is becoming more popular. Darker greens, like emerald, are preferable for the winter season. While lighter greens, such as sage, are better during warmer months. You can easily rock a solid green tuxedo, but if you want to tone down the color opt for khaki or black dress pants.

For those who want color but don’t want to go all out, we recommend a richly colored tie. This groom is wearing a trendy tweed tuxedo that lends a more casual and cozy look. Meanwhile, a bright rust-colored tie and handkerchief ensure an overall modern style. This particular ensemble is perfect for a warm-weather boho-themed wedding. Although a tweed suit would pair well with any color or patterned tie.

Mauve is an incredibly popular color and has to be one of our favorite suit colors. It’s not as flashy as pink yet not as common as blue! This groom wore a mauve tuxedo with a white dress shirt and a trendy bolero tie. It’s the perfect look for a modern desert-themed wedding. As with other styles, you can easily pair a mauve suit jacket with a pair of black dress slacks.

If you prefer a simple tuxedo but want a pop of color, go with a patterned tie or handkerchief. The most popular in recent years are floral patterned ties, but you can find them in next to every color and print. You can even find specific themes, such as tropical patterns. Play with different styles to see what works best with your color palette.

Last, but far from least are orange suits. Orange and similar warm hues are becoming more and more popular, alongside bohemian-themed weddings. This color is striking but tends to lend a slightly cozier vibe. It also lends a little bit of retro-inspiration! If this look is too strong for you, consider opting for an orange with a darker brown tone to it, such as rust.

Via @peachgarde / Photography @therrproduction

Aside from colors, different materials will impact your overall look. For example, a tweed suit will lend a warmer style that is ideal for cool weather events. Meanwhile, loose and lightweight cotton will be preferable for the spring. And don’t forget, you can always opt-out of a jacket altogether! Simply pair a white dress shirt with brightly colored suit pants and accessories. Perhaps suspenders or a bow tie.

How do you feel about colored suits for the groom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tell us which of the featured colors and styles was your favorite!

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