Unique bridal favor ideas to delight your guests

The day you and your partner decide to pledge your love in front of all the people you cherish is undoubtedly remarkable. And if you wish your guest to remember it for a long time after it ends, we advise you to consider gifting them some unique wedding favors!  

Bridal favors are an essential element of any love celebration. There are plenty of reasons why couples decide to give these out. Some see them as a generous act of saying ‘thank you’ to those who decided to honor them with their presence. Others, however, view them as an opportunity to gift their guests something that will remember your event long after it finishes. Regardless of your individual reasons, we are here to share with you some unique wedding favor ideas that we are sure you will love. 

Unique wedding favors

Before we delve into the topic of bridal favors, we feel obliged to share a little tip on how to choose the best ones. Namely, you should be guided by your budget for the day, as not all ideas will suit the finances you have at your disposal. After all, choosing the coolest wedding favors is not about gifting lavish items but showing that you appreciate the people who attend your lovely event. 

Below are some of the coolest bridal favors both you and your guests will adore, so let’s discover them all!

Personalized champagne flutes

One of the most unique wedding favors you can purchase to delight your guests on your big day is custom champagne flutes. You can either have their initials or your special date printed on the glasses or perhaps another design that suits the nature of the affair. Besides gifting them a unique keepsake they will get to keep, they can also use them to toast to your eternal love. 

Scented soap bars

Another great idea for fun wedding favors is scented soap bars. You can purchase them in a distinctive scent or shape, representing your theme or personality. Moreover, you can have the bars engraved with your big date or initials, or perhaps add nametags of your guests’ names on the box. 

Towel with each guest’s initials

Gifting your guests embroidered towels is one of the most unique wedding favor ideas you could think of. This is a great personalized gift that they will get to keep and use long after your celebration is over. Although these would make a great option for a tropical theme, you can easily make them fit whatever choice you make. 

To add a touch of personalization, you can embroider your guests’ initials and give them something they will deeply cherish.


Honey jars and dippers

If you are considering gifting edible favors, something that would represent the sweetness of the moment you say your “I do’s”, then there is no more suitable gift than this one. Getting small honey jars and miniature wooden dippers is an excellent way to amuse your guests. Not only will they have something to enjoy, but they will also feel delighted they have received something so unique. You can go a step further and personalize the label, including your name and special date. 

Heart-shaped tea bags

Next on our list come heart-shaped tea bags as one of the greatest favor ideas you should consider. These are especially suitable for a smaller affair, further adorning the lovely feeling of the event with their adorable look. You can decide to include a unique message on the label, something along the lines of “The perfect blend”.

Custom koozies

Speaking of the coolest wedding favors, customized koozies are undoubtedly one of our favorites. Although these are regarded as traditional gifts, you can make them more distinctive by choosing an unordinary design. They can either represent the colors of your theme, an artistic expression of your affair’s location, or your and your partner’s names. Either way, your guests will value their originality and practicality, as well as the fact that they will get to take them home.

Mini champagne

Opting for mini champagne bridal favors is a wonderful idea if you wish to gift your nearest something they will remember your day by. Namely, alcohol and alcohol accessories are incredibly popular this year, meaning that you will stay on trend with this one. To further elevate the favor’s uniqueness, you can tie a personalized label or a thank-you card to the bottle. 

Scented candles

Apart from scented bars, infused candles are yet another brilliant idea for unique wedding favors. Choose a light and pleasant scent that will correspond to your theme and personality, and give your guests a favor that will remind them of your day. There are so many fragrance options out there, which we hope will not make you feel overwhelmed by the vast choice. 

Ideally, you can apply a sticker or tie a card that either states your name and date, or the guests’ initials. 

DIY kits

For all the resourceful brides who wish to do everything by themselves, preparing DIY favors is ultimately one of the best ideas. This is especially suitable for smaller love affairs, as doing something for a great number of people can only make you feel tired. However, the time-consuming process is entirely worth it if you consider the touch of personality these gifts will carry. 

Engraved chopsticks

Finally, if you are organizing an environmentally-friendly celebration, gifting each guest a pair of bamboo chopsticks would be a great idea. You can engrave your initials and wedding date for a more customized experience. These will make some of the coolest wedding favors if you decide to serve food that requires using chopsticks.

We truly hope that our list of unique wedding favors will inspire you to choose the option that best fits your vision. At Wedding Style Society, we are fully dedicated to easing the process of a couple searching for vendor services. Feel free to discover our list of preferred vendors that will assist in providing the most wonderful favors and creating a seamless experience!


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