Eastern River Farm

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Welcome to ERF, where your
wedding flower dreams come true

We provide our environmentally conscious clients with the highest level of garden-inspired design using our farm’s own sustainably grown stems of blooms and foliage. Full Service clients can expect the following general outline of procedures in the process of securing our highest level of flowering service:

Family-run & owned

Located in the heart of Maine, our goal is to nourish the Earth and cultivate relationships through our fragrant, heirloom blooms. We use regenerative practices, absolutely zero pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We work with Mother Nature to guide our crops and to provide exceptional farm-fresh products. We provide couples getting married in the state of Maine with our gorgeous wedding flowers + more.

General Information

766, Kelley Road, Bailey Corner, Pittston, Kennebec County, Maine, 04345, United States
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