The Best Ways to Celebrate Your Engagement

Nowadays couples jump into the wedding planning process almost immediately after they’re engaged. Leaving little time to simply bask in the monumental decision to spend a lifetime together. But we at the Wedding Society are here to change that! Keep reading to learn about ways to celebrate your engagement in the days following this special occasion. From an engagement session to a romantic getaway, there is something for every type of couple.

Engagement Photo Session

What better time for engagement photos than immediately following your engagement? You’ll be glowing with joy, for photos that are especially fun and romantic. Let loose, be playful, and share some sweet moments together. The final product will be ideal for your official engagement announcements, as well as your wedding invitations. You might even consider having the photos taken at the same site as your proposal!

An Annoucement Dinner

If you’re able to round up enough family and friends, an intimate dinner is a great way to announce the good news. If you prefer, you can even have two separate dinners. One that is more high-end for close family, and one that is more casual for friends. Think of it as a modern take on an introductory dinner for the parents of the bride and groom. Except the more the merrier!

Post that Ring Selfie

Of course, you can’t forget to take a classic ring selfie! A ring selfie might be a little vain, but everyone will appreciate seeing your new bling. Especially your girlfriends. Sharing the news of your engagement online is especially important nowadays, as it has become a fast way to share info with distant friends and family. You’ll want to let them in on the fun to celebrate your engagement. So that they can prepare to receive a wedding invitation in the future. 

Go on A Trip

One of the best and most underrated ways to celebrate your engagement is a trip. You don’t necessarily have to go anywhere special. A staycation will do! As long as it is just you two, in a private location where you can bask in your engagement. Hole up in a nearby hotel or take a drive to a bordering state. Spend your time doing activities that you enjoy together, or simply relax before the chore of wedding planning begins.

Host an Engagement Party

Whether or not you host an engagement party is a personal preference, and often depends on your wedding budget. But if you can host one, it is a good way to celebrate with family and friends who are local. You can keep it casual by serving up finger sandwiches or food on the grill. Or make it a little more luxe, with some tasty cocktails and catering!

Recreate Your First Date

For those who prefer a more romantic celebration, we recommend recreating your first date. This is an especially beautiful option for those who have been dating for a long time. We’re talking high school or college sweethearts! If you can’t remember what you did or where you went on your first date, no worries. Just do something nostalgic instead. For example, put together a little luxury picnic or take a trip to a drive-in movie theater.

Love one of these ideas? Let us know in the comments below if you use any of these for your post-engagement celebrations, or if you have other plans.

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