Ways to Host an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Hosting a wedding can come with a lot of guilt in terms of respecting mother earth! Luckily, it’s easier than ever to plan an eco-friendly event. Whether it be in regards to the food, the location, transportation, and so on. Granted, we understand that sometimes being eco-friendly can come at a higher than normal cost. So remember, any steps to host an eco-friendly event are better than none at all! Do what you can and know that it makes a difference.

Book a Dual Ceremony-Reception Site

Venues that double as a ceremony and reception site should be your first pick for an eco-friendly wedding! It is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Mostly, by reducing the need for guests to travel to multiple venues. By doing so you help cut down on carbon emissions. Similarly, you can provide transportation, like shuttles. You will remove the need for multiple cars, and will have the option to source a green shuttle company. Of course, the easiest way to reduce travel overall is by hosting your event at home, or as close to home as possible.

Invest in Local Sustainable Vendors & Venues

On the hunt for a wedding venue and vendors, you should always inquire as to if and how they are eco-conscious. For starters, ask about their green practices, such as how they cut down on or handle the waste. This is especially applicable to certain vendors, including caterers. It’s easier than ever to obtain food and drinks that are eco-friendly. You can do so by providing grazing tables featuring local fare, hiring a farm-to-table caterer, and pouring organic alcohol. You will also want to reuse or recycle serving ware and be sure to package leftovers. Whether you intend to keep them for yourself or have enough to send home with guests!

Rent or Reuse Your Dress & Tux

Believe it or not, wedding fashion can in fact be eco-friendly. Let’s start with your rings. Purchase them from an ethical jeweler or buy second hand, like from a pawn shop or vintage store. As far as your dress and tux, your easiest options will be to rent. This is easier for men, however, women may prefer to buy secondhand. Granted there are also ethical designers, who recycle fabrics and can take other eco-friendly measures. You can even encourage your wedding party to do the same, which can be made easier if you go for a mismatched look.

Keep Your Decor Green

Decor can be tricky but fret not. The name of the game is reusing and reducing. Your best bet is to make the most of vintage decor, including table decor and furniture. To reduce the amount of electricity being used, you can complement decor with candles – granted your venue allows them. As far as serving ware you can easily find mismatched china, platters, and flatware. If you prefer a more cohesive look, simply work with a rental company. When it comes to floral arrangements, choose seasonal flowers that don’t require transportation. Or, do without! One of the biggest wastes at wedding receptions is favors. So opt for those that are edible and can be served in reusable containers. Think honey, jam, or olive oil in small glass jars!

What steps are you planning to take to host a more eco-friendly wedding? Let us know in the comments below! Or tell us which of the ideas we mentioned that you hope to implement.

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