Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

There’s no arguing that weddings are expensive. In 2021, the national average cost of a wedding was $19,000. Although the average was down from 2019, likely due to the pandemic, it’s still a nice chunk of change. Making it all the more important that couples save where they can! Today we’re sharing a few ways to save money on your wedding so that you can allocate it elsewhere – like a dream honeymoon!

Pass on the Programs

Programs are one of the most wasteful investments that couples will make. These stacks of paper inevitably end up in the trash, or on the floor for you to pick up later. The reality is that no one cares to know the schedule. They are there to have a good time and will leave when they please, regardless of the itinerary. So skip on the programs altogether, and you’ll easily save hundreds. This also applies to other stationery, including dinner and/or bar menus. Place a large sign at each reception table or the bar/buffet instead.

Skip the Favors

Wedding favors are a huge waste, especially those that feature your names. Let’s face it, your friends and family are unlikely to use these items once the reception is over. They’ll end up in the trash or stashed in a drawer collecting dust. So, opt for something functional or edible instead. Say a jar of local honey or plant seeds for a garden! If you can’t find anything to your liking, skip the favors altogether. Your guests won’t mind one bit between the food and alcohol.

Book Your Vendors Early

One of the best ways to save money is to book your wedding vendors early! We can’t stress this enough. A lot of wedding vendors offer special pricing and packages throughout the year, like around the holidays. Some also do this to help fill their books, like during off-seasons. If you have your eye on a particular vendor, give them a follow on social media and keep an eye on their posts. If you’re feeling bold, reach out directly to ask about their current offers.

Shop the Sales

It seems obvious, but when there is a sale take advantage. Not only that, but seek them out. This applies to a variety of wedding items, from the dress to decorations, linens, and more. You can even use referral codes from other brides, or couponing websites, like Honey. You’ll not only save money but you’ll make it! Be sure to follow all of the businesses that you are considering purchasing from so that you stay up to date on current or future sales. 

Double Duty Florals

Wedding flowers are surprisingly expensive, so double up on how you use them. For example, take the arrangement from your wedding arbor to place it on your sweetheart table. Or use the aisle arrangements as centerpieces. Going a step further, ditch the boutonnieres. Although they are traditional, they aren’t a requirement. And they don’t serve a purpose. Without them, you might find that your groom’s look is more timeless.

Limit Your Bar Menu

Let’s talk alcohol. If you have a bar at your wedding it will cost a pretty penny, regardless of what you’re serving. But you can chop off a good portion of your bill by limiting the types of drinks you serve. For example, serve wine and beer instead of mixed drinks. Or if you want to serve mixed drinks, stay away from top shelf labels. Alternatively, have a limited-time drink selection. That is, offer signature drinks but only during the cocktail hour. Once dinner is served, only beer and wine are available.

These are just a few ways to save money on your wedding but with careful planning, you’ll be able to stretch your budget even further. Let us know which of these ideas are your favorite! Or share your own ideas in the comment below.

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