Wedding Cake Ideas & Inspiration

Planning to host a traditional wedding cake ceremony? Then you’ll need a cake to cut! Granted, choosing what exactly you want your wedding cake to look like can be overwhelming. The options are endless, yet you want a design that aligns with your color palette, overall theme, or wedding aesthetic. To help narrow down your option or, at the very least, rule out styles you dislike, we’re sharing some of our favorite wedding cake ideas. Keep reading to get inspired!

Minimalist Wedding Cakes

If you’re hosting a traditional event, then you’ll want a minimalist wedding cake to match. Something that isn’t over-the-top and won’t steal the show at your reception. For example, a one-tier wedding cake! It will get the job done, and can even feature a splash of color or element of fun. Alternatively, consider a naked wedding cake. With minimal icing, this design has a timeless appeal – and is a hit among those who aren’t the fondest of sweets.

Cake @ixoracakesbali / Photographer @terralogical

Colorful Wedding Cakes

For those who plan to host a wedding that is the complete opposite of tradition, don’t be afraid to infuse some color into your cake design. Colorful wedding cakes are a hit among brides who want to maintain a consistent aesthetic – via a color scheme. And are especially popular during the spring and summer, when bright colors are more prevalent. The best part of colorful wedding cakes is that you can make them as subtle or as striking as you like. Whether you prefer a soft pastel, a rich punch of color, or something alternative, like black.

Photography: @sarahmckenziephoto
Cake: @so_suzyq / Photography: @mallorypaigephotography___ / Florist: @_tinyvictories

Textured Wedding Cakes

Textured wedding cakes have become more popular over the years, likely due to the rise in boho and retro-themed events. Although, textured wedding cakes align with a much wider range of styles and aesthetics. When we say texture, we mean everything from elegantly draped fondant to macrame-inspired braids and a variety of other patterns. Textured wedding cakes are a fun way to feature intricate details without going over the top. So, whether you’re a more traditional or modern bride, it’s sure to be a hit.

Photography: @phosphilic⁠ / Cake: @flordeharinapr
Cake: @coppeliacakes / Photography: @tayfolmarphoto

Floral Wedding Cakes

While you might associate flowers with spring and summer, floral wedding cakes are beautiful year-round. They’re one of the most timeless designs and especially photogenic. Plus, they’re a fun way to feature natural colors. Although when it comes to floral cakes, you have three options. First, are real flowers – usually provided by your florist. Second, are dried flowers which are carefully applied to the exterior and sometimes edible. Lastly, are piped flowers. This may look less realistic, but will make for easier cutting!

Cheese Wheel Wedding Cakes

Maybe you aren’t a big fan of sweets, but you still want those traditional cake-cutting photos. Switch out those fluffy cake layers for cheese wheels! This unique and modern spin is a savory alternative that guests will love. Not only that, but they make for some gorgeous photographs. If you go this route, we do recommend creating a spread post-cutting ceremony. And that you utilize labels. If you want, you could also create a more elaborate spread, by adding nuts, crackers, jams, and meats to the table.

Breakfast-Themed Wedding Cakes

Hosting a brunch wedding? Stick to sweets but go for a breakfast staple, like cinnamon rolls, donuts, pancakes, or waffles. These treats will be more welcome in the early hours of the morning, but especially fun to eat. Just make sure that you’re providing any necessary toppings. Like a classic table syrup or fresh fruits! If you want to create a self-serve display, create a small buffet with a wider range of options.

What do you think of these wedding cake ideas? Feeling inspired? Let us know your thoughts or which of these ideas are your favorite!

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