Say Yes to the Dress: Wedding Dress Trends that Will Predominate 2024

Shopping for your dream wedding dress is perhaps the most anticipated time for every bride-to-be. You get to try various styles, lengths, and color shades until you find the one that feels like it’s been made for you. However, bridal trends constantly change, and with that comes the wish to keep up with them. That is why, in today’s blog, we will uncover some of the biggest wedding dress trends that will dominate 2024.

Some of you might already have an idea of what your gown should look like. Others, however, are probably here to explore some more options that are or are here to explore some more options. No matter which group you belong to, this post will provide some insight into the highlights of bridal fashion and inspire you to choose your perfect outfit.

wedding dress trends

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Wedding Dress Trends for 2024

Ready to step into the world of bridal bliss? From elegant silhouette gowns to intricate details and colorful designs, you’re in for a treat!

  • Floral Appliques

We’re starting the list with one of the biggest wedding dress trends for 2024, and that is floral appliques! Although many associate flowers with spring, adding them to your dress seems like a suitable fit no matter the season. From petite, more subtle ones to statement 3D floral moments, you can choose whichever size meets your preferred style best.

  • Textures and Fabrics

The year 2024 is all about textures and opulent fabrics, which means it’s taking a luxurious turn. Therefore, the variety of sumptuous fabrics is an important part of wedding dress trends. Pure silk and other silk-like fabrics are stealing the spotlight with their smooth and elegant finish. Lace, on the other hand, seems to be evolving into more elaborate patterns, while crepe still predominates in the world of waves. 

  • Bow Details

Bows seem to have started being popular at the end of 2023, experiencing their full bloom in 2024. Therefore, expect to see these elegant add-ons everywhere! Whether it’s some minimal bows on the back of the dress or perhaps a large, statement one on the waistline, these accessories allow for a variety of dress styles for a wedding.  

Photo via Rhylan Lang Bridal

  • Structural Shapes

In contrast to the previous year, which cherished the minimal design, this year is all about voluminous skirts, grand ball dresses, and statement applications. Trending wedding gowns are now with unique shapes, tulle and lace formations, as well as statement detachable skirts. 

  • Bold Colors

Just as bold colors are making their way into venue decor, they’re just as popular in the world of wedding dress trends. If you’ve never imagined yourself being a classic image of a bride, this is the perfect time to go for the dress in your favorite color! Or, if you still don’t want to be that bold, you can choose a fabric that has intricate colors spattered all around or go for a vibrant accessory, such as your shoes or bag.

  • Statement Pants

Who said brides should wear gowns only? 2024 is the year of extraordinary fashion, which explains why pants are on the list of trends. You can go for a pair of flair or palazzo pants and pair them with a unique top. Or, you can ask your tailor to sew a unique creation that will make your outfit memorable.

  • Mini Dress

Although mini-dresses are usually considered an after-party outfit, they’re now making their way into the ‘main event gowns’. Just like the long ones, the short ones also allow for a variety of dress styles for weddings. So, you can choose between pencil, a-line, or straight gowns, simple, lace, or with floral appliques.

Photo via Rhylan Lang Bridal

Where to find the greatest assortment of trending wedding gowns?

Whether you already have an idea of what kind of bridal dress you want or are open to exploring your options, you need to know where to search. There are many bridal boutiques out there, but you don’t have that much time to visit each and every one of them. To make your search easier, we’ve decided to share a few of our handpicked bridal shops that are sure to amaze you. Whether you’re searching for a classic gown or want to see some of the wedding dress trends we have mentioned above, you will find them there!

Fabulous Frocks Bridal, Kansas City, Missouri

The motto of this salon is to help you say YES to the dress as easy as you said yes to your loved one. They offer a great variety of classic and trending wedding gowns, ensuring you can find your dream one. Besides, they work with both local and exclusive designers, which makes the apparel suitable for any budget.

Rhylan Lang Bridal, Omaha, Nebraska

From bridal gowns to wedding veils and even jewelry, Rhylan Lang Bridal is a boutique that makes bridal outfit shopping a piece of cake. Upon arrival, you will work with a professional stylist who will give you useful advice and help you find the gown of your dreams.

Antoinette Bridal Boutique, Versailles, Ohio

Located in the village of Versailles, Ohio, this boutique strives to make brides feel comfortable and confident as they search for the perfect dress. They also work by appointment, which means you will receive undivided attention and assistance during your visit. When it comes to their bridal gown assembly, they offer a variety of styles, so you will surely find your one.

Photo via Antoinette Bridal Boutique

We hope that the wedding dress trends we shared in this post will inspire you to choose your ideal bridal outfit. At Wedding Style Society, we genuinely care for couples, no matter their stage of preparation. So, if the bridal shops we mentioned above don’t cover your state or you’re simply searching for more options, we have a directory of vendors that operate in all parts of the US. Visit our website and explore them all! We are confident that you will find both your dream bridal boutique and vendors to pull off your special day!


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