Wedding Invitation Suite Inspiration for Every Type of Bride

A wedding invitation is one of the first impressions that guests will have of your event. Every little detail, like the colors and fonts you feature, should speak to the type of event you plan to host. Designing a wedding invitation suite is a fun process, as well as an important task on your to-do list. Keep reading to get inspired for your own wedding invitation suite, with options for every type of bride!

For the Colorful Bride

A bright and bold event calls for an equally colorful wedding suite. A suite that features a large mix of saturated colors is sure to grab your guest’s attention. You can also use one or two unique images, as was done for this tropical-themed suite, which includes bananas and leaves. This style of design is perfect for a loud and lively event, such as a festival or destination wedding.

For the Romantic Bride

If your goal is a romantic or more traditional event, you don’t need a lot of frills or flair. Instead consider a crisp and feminine suite, like the one shown below. It has an overall luxe look that is bright and beautiful, as well as put together. This style of the suite would elude to a simple but formal wedding with all of the traditional parts, from the first dances to a cake cutting and bouquet toss.

For the Boho Bride

Boho brides want a look that is colorful but unique. For this type of event, you might consider a suite that includes saturated colors and super trendy fonts. Try out shades that are moody, like mustard, terracotta or rust, storm blue, or even jewel tones. You can feature feminine elements, like roses, or keep the design more minimalistic. You’ll end up with a look that is luxe but memorable.

For the Chic Bride

This bright and airy style is a must-have for a chic bride! Despite its comparatively simple and clean design, it screams luxury. Colors like classic baby blue, pastel pink, or even a light purple would be a beautiful choice as an accent. Small touches of bright colors will contrast the crisp whites and any metallics, should you choose to feature them. 

For the Country Bride

We can’t get over the uptick in western-themed wedding suites. These super trendy designs are exciting and nod to a good time to come. You can reference the old west or go with a more modern style. In either case, you’ll want to feature a mix of neutral tones, Like pink and brown, or blue and black.

For the Modern Bride

In recent years, modern brides have created palettes using neutral colors. Brown, beige, white, cream, black, and other similar colors. All of which lead to a crisp and beautiful look. While you can feature bright colors, you should keep them minimal. This will help maintain a style that is simplistic yet oh so elegant.

For the Moody Bride

You don’t have to be an alternative bride to find beauty in a moody wedding suite. Featuring dark colors, this design is gorgeous but a little darker than what most brides would prefer. Yet it still eludes to a wedding that will be sophisticated, with intricate elements and calligraphy.

For the Minimalistic Bride

Similar to the modern style, minimalism is even simpler. It usually features no color, with the rare exception of pastels. Otherwise, use black, brown, or metallics. Fonts for this type of design vary, from luxurious-looking calligraphy to plain prints. You might even feature a custom monogram throughout the suite.

For the Preppy Bride

If you’re a younger bride then you want a wedding suite that is bright and fun. Something that speaks to your youth and is trendy. Don’t be afraid to go all out in terms of design, but bold pops of color to a mix of fonts. It doesn’t have to be overly feminine, although it is a popular choice.

Did you fall in love with one of these wedding invitation suite? Let us know in the comment below!

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