Wedding planning mistakes you need to avoid

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Planning for the most important day of your life isn’t an effortless task. You need to consider many things, all of which carry great significance. Assuming that this is your first such task, it is only logical to not know how to approach it precisely. Although designing a marriage celebration follows a certain universal formula, some things are unique to every couple. Whether you have just begun your planning journey or are somewhere in the middle of the process, we are here for you! Today, we will share the most common wedding mistakes couple make in the hope that we will help you avoid them effortlessly. 

The most common wedding mistakes you should avoid making

We understand how overwhelming wedding planning can become after a while. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the most common planning mistakes you and your partner should be wary of. Discover them all below and keep them in mind during this exciting venture.

  • Not setting a budget

Although this may sound obvious, you will be surprised by how many couples fail to set a budget from the very start. However, this is one of the biggest steps in planning for your special event. Therefore, having a serious conversation with your significant other about the funds you can allocate to finance your celebration is essential. You should initially come up with an approximate sum and use it as a guidance point throughout the process. 

Once you determine the sum, you will see how easier it will be to look for a venue and vendors that fall under the estimate. In fact, the budget you determine will impact every single decision you make. So, learn from others’ wedding mistakes and make sure you set yours first!

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  • Failing to book your venue or vendors on time

You have probably been thinking a long time ago about how will your dream venue look like. Perhaps you have also thought about the ideal photographer, florist, as well as a makeup artist you will hire for the day. However, wishing to work with professionals also means that many other couples are interested in their services, as well. If you fail to book it early enough, you might be disappointed that they are unavailable for your dates. And that is yet another on our list of wedding planning mistakes you and your partner should avoid making.

Instead of waiting until a couple of months before your big date, book your preferred venue and vendors once you are sure about the day your event will take place. This way, you’ll have greater chances of them responding, “Yes, we’re available and looking forward to working with you!”

  • Lacking a backup plan

There is almost no event that goes entirely according to your plan. This is precisely why failing to think of a backup option is one of the biggest planning mistakes. 

From unexpected rainfall to last-minute vendor cancellation, many things can force you to stray from your original plan. No one wants to deal with these undesirable situations. But it’s always better to be prepared for them beforehand than to panic once they happen. 

  • Not enjoying the celebration

Your marriage union is an opportunity to celebrate your love among your friends and family. But as much as they have fun at your event, you and your partner should also enjoy every moment. Many couples tend to obsess over the little details, often forgetting they are part of the festivity, too. In fact, it is you that others are celebrating, which is why you need to relax your mind and indulge in the beauty of the moment.  

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  • Skimping on hiring professionals 

Next on our list of most common wedding mistakes is being stingy. Although we don’t recommend going overboard spending, there is no point in hiring less quality vendors on the most important day of your life. For example, if you skimp on hiring a professional photographer and go for an amateur instead, you will probably receive photographs you are not quite satisfied with. This goes for every vendor on your list, so you need to make wise decisions. 

  • Letting your friends or family interfere with your decisions

Once you begin your wedding planning process, you will immediately notice how everyone around you seems to have their opinion about how it should look. Most couples try to be polite and listen to their suggestions. However, don’t let their opinions interfere with your decisions. In the end, this is supposed to be your special day, so organize it however you want to.

  • Including traditions at all cost

There are a variety of traditions closely related to wedding celebrations. But this doesn’t mean that you need to include them all if you don’t want to. In fact, one of the most common wedding mistakes couples make is including traditions they don’t feel comfortable with. Therefore, feel free to incorporate only those you think are vital for you two. What might be important for another couple might not be for you, and that is completely fine. Avoid doing something only because other couples did it on their day. Focus on what makes you and your partner happy and strive to achieve it. 

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  • Spending the entire budget on your attire

You and your partner should both feel comfortable and attractive in the outfits you choose for the day. However, this doesn’t mean that you should spend a fortune purchasing your dream dress or suit. Talk about the budget you both are willing to dedicate to your attire, and try to stick to it once you go on the hunt. There will always be a dress or a suit more glamorous than the one that fits your budget, but remember to be unreasonable. 

We truly hope that our list of common wedding mistakes will help you avoid them once you start planning. You need to consider many aspects during this process, but try to stick to the guidelines above to create a seamless experience. Our goal at Wedding Style Society is to provide future newlyweds with genuine advice and service recommendations they will find useful. Therefore, we invite you to check our complete list of vendors and choose a professional that meets your requirements. And if you are looking for more inspiration, there is plenty to discover on our blog. 

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