What to Consider Before Asking Someone to Be Your Bridesmaid

The woes of having to choose your bridesmaids are real. Whether you have too many girls to choose from or just enough to get by, these factors apply! Otherwise, you’ll look back on your special day will some regrets. Keep reading to learn a few things to consider before asking someone to be your bridesmaid.

How Much it Will Cost

It may be shocking, but being a bridesmaid requires quite a bit of moolah. As much as being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor, it does have a few serious requirements. One is that they need to be able to afford it. You should think about whether someone has the money to spend on things like bachelorette weekend or their bridesmaid dress. If they don’t and you still want them to be involved, then you might choose to help them – which should be discussed privately. 

How Much Time it Requires

Being a bridesmaid can take up quite a bit of your time unless the bride has opted not to include you in the planning process. For most bridesmaids, however, they will need to attend appointments, try on dresses, and assist with planning and decor. Some people simply can’t fit being a bridesmaid into their busy schedule. Which is okay! But consider that a person may prefer to opt-out of the honor, or may need a smaller to-do list than the others.

If They Are Willing to Take On The Responsibilities

Some bridesmaids may love the title, but not exactly the work it entails. The right girls for your party are those who want to participate in this journey alongside you. They will do anything and everything they need to in order to be involved. Being a bridesmaid is a blast, but it does come with responsibilities. Make sure your ‘maids are there for the right reasons.

Will They Fit in With The Group?

One factor you can’t ignore is whether or not they will fit in with the rest of your girls. You want and need a group who don’t like drama and love you. They will be willing to get along with everyone because they know how important it is to you. This issue usually becomes especially apparent at gatherings that aren’t a part of wedding planning. Because they won’t be able or willing to get along with the group as a whole.

Whether They Have Your Back

The number one consideration for a bridesmaid is just how much they care about you. Each and every maid should have your best interests at heart. They’ll give you their opinion but won’t put yours down. Because all they want is to keep you happy and make sure that your wedding dreams become a reality. Stay away from girls who tend to put themselves first, no matter the circumstances.

Will You Be Happy With the Decision Down the Line?

It is important to remember that you will be looking back on who was in your wedding party for years to come. If you don’t choose carefully, then you will have some serious regrets. There will be people who you wished you didn’t ask, and those that you feel awful to not have included. Be sure that the people who you select will be by your side for the considerable future.

Selecting the people who will be at your bridal party is no easy task. When you’re not worried about hurting someone’s feelings, you’re worried about someone’s unwillingness to get involved. It’s a hard decision, one that you will look back on for years to come. Don’t feel rushed! Take plenty of time to carefully mull it over and we’re sure that you will make the best choice.

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