Tips to making your outdoor wedding celebration flawless

The summer season has finally arrived, and we are thrilled to see couples indulge in the summer bliss. Another reason why we love this season is that it finally opens the gates of outdoor wedding celebrations, allowing couples to enjoy their day in a refreshing garden setting. 

If you are one of those pairs that would rather plan an outdoor event, we are here to assist with your planning process. Below, you will discover our carefully crafted list of tips that will help you plan the outdoor wedding ceremony of your dreams!

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10 Tips to making your outdoor wedding perfect 

Celebrating your love in an outdoor location is steadily gaining in popularity. Couples would rather tie the knot in a garden setting or at a beach, as we absolutely understand why. An outdoor setting adorns your affair with a unique charm you can’t get from an indoor place. Therefore, we are here to share our best tips to help you plan a flawless outdoor wedding reception!

  • Think about the date

As the name itself implies, planning an outdoor wedding means that you will host your guests in an outside location. So, it’s essential that you carefully think about the date on which your affair will take place. Moreover, the time of the year you choose is also closely connected to the location. It means that you need to keep in mind both factors so that you can. Usually, both summer and spring work well, although a few other factors that need your consideration.

  • Consider the unpredictability

The weather is one of the major concerns for couples who have decided to have an outside wedding. Late spring and summertime are usually the safest options, although you can never know what weather to expect. Therefore, it’s best that you have a Plan B in case it rains so your special day doesn’t go in vain. Think about setting up a tent and creating an escape plan in case it starts raining.

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  • Secure your dream venue

Once you find your perfect outdoor venue, you need to secure it. Traditionally, you can do this by putting in a deposit. This means your venue is secured for the day, and no one else can book it. 

In addition, there are some private outdoor spaces you can rent which require that you bring your own furniture and catering. Make sure you are fully informed about each venue’s requirements before booking it.

  • Hire an experienced planner

One essential thing many couples tend to forget is hiring a professional that would help with planning their outdoor wedding. Although many venues today offer planning and coordination, there are still some that don’t. If you wish to ensure a flawless experience, it’s always better to entrust this task to a professional who knows the ins and outs of the planning process. 

Just don’t forget to do background research before you hire your planner. Inquire about the event they have organized and decide whether they’re the right person for you.

  • The simpler, the better

We understand that many couples envision a lavish ceremony that leaves all attendants in awe. But when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, it is always better to keep it simple. This is because an outdoor location’s setting is often already beautiful on its own. Therefore, there’s no need to include additional decor elements as it will only make it look excessive. 

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  • Think about your guests

Deciding to host an outdoor celebration means that you need to consider your guests’ experience. Apart from devising a ‘surprise weather’ plan, there are a few other things you should keep in mind. 

For one, ensure enough shade for your guests to fit under. Look for venues that have plenty of shaded spaces or a setting with large trees. You can also bring market umbrellas or cover the reception and ceremony spot using shade cloths.

Given that the weather would at least be warm (if not hot), you need to ensure your guests are well-hydrated. Provide complimentary water bottles or a beverage station where they can get a refreshing drink.

  • Bring a first-aid kit

If your outdoor wedding takes place in a remote area, bringing a First Aid kit is always advisable. Place it in a visible spot so your guests will know where they can find it in case of an emergency. 

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  • Book an outdoor catering service

If your venue doesn’t provide food, you will need to search for a catering team that is experienced in working for outdoor events. It will make it easier for them to overcome any logistics challenges, as well as present you with food options that will resist the warm sun. 

  • Keep your vendors updated

Ensure that your vendors are always updated about any plan changes and that they know the day’s logistics. Every detail is important for planning a flawless outdoor wedding reception, so don’t forget to keep them informed. 

  • Don’t forget about lighting

Finally, you need to consider your lighting options. Couples often seem to forget how dark can an outside location be. Therefore, you need to equip your venue with artificial lighting, such as lanterns, string lights, bistro lights, etc. Also, don’t forget to place it strategically in the tent, along walkways, and in the parking area. 

It’s very important to consider several factors when hosting such an event, as they all play a crucial role in its execution. We hope that this post will assist in planning a flawless outdoor wedding like you’ve always envisioned. 

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